What Do the Clothes You Wear “Say” About You?

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What Do the Clothes You Wear “Say” About You?

What we wear is a reflection of our Style Personality — our “inner self” — that other people will read about us (ah-HEM: that means JUDGE us).

Yes, we are judged by the clothing we wear! It may not seem fair, but it’s true.

However, the clothing you choose to pull out of the closet and put on every morning is an inner reflection of your personality — it’s called your Style Personality! Style-personality-tops-Colleen-Hammond

  • What types of clothing are you most comfortable and confident wearing?
  • How would you like to be perceived?
  • What personality traits would you like others to know about you?

Your personality traits are closely aligned with the style of clothing, the fabrics, details, jewelry, and other accessories that you choose.

Take a look at this picture. Which one of these tops are your drawn to? Which one would you wear? That could be your Primary Style Personality.

Which other one(s) draw your eye? Those could be your Secondary and Tertiary Style Personalities.

How you mix and match them will say a lot about you to those who see you.

Take the free quiz to determine your Primary Style Personality. Which one is yours?

Why Clothing Matters

Numerous studies have shown that people who are attractive earn more money, get better jobs, and have more opportunities available to them.

Notice that the studies say ‘attractive’ not ‘beautiful’.

You can present yourself more attractively by learning how to dress in a way that honors your personality, flatters your body type, choose the best colors for your skin/hair/eyes, etc…

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