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    I love Bd. Anna Maria Taigi — thank you so much for posting this! I’m so glad there’s news on her canonization! The testimony of her husband for her cause for canonization is utterly beautiful, and always inspires me to be the wife I should be for my own husband. And when I was at her tomb in Rome in 2007, I truly believe she healed me from a terrible cold I was getting at the beginning of our pilgrimage there. What a beautiful patroness for wives and mothers!

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    Bl. Maria Taigi is an inspiring role model for many of us wives. I also remember that she asked her husband’s permission to stop dressing attractively: i.e., she asked to dress plainly, no color, no jewelry, and he granted her wish because she was such an outstanding, obedient wife in every other way. My H however, actually told me that I was dressing “too plainly” a few months ago … and I think that if I were a better wife in general it wouldn’t have bothered him as much .. plus I didn’t ask him if I could. I’m not nearly advanced enough spiritually to be able to dress drably without feeling really depressed about myself. Bl. Maria Taigi is someone to aspire to, definitely.

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    I am currently reading the book “Secular Saints” by Joan Carrol Cruz(I hope I spelled the name right). Among the saints and blesseds I’m reading about is Blessed Anna Maria Taigi. She went through trials and tribulations most of us never will dream of, so it makes a person think about his/her own life.

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    Thankyou for the prayers to Blessed Anna Maria, I had no idea that her Feast Day is 9th June…my Birthday(!), until I read the article above. I am at present rereading “Wife, Mother and Mystic” by Albert Bessieres,S.J.
    My husband went on Pilgrimage and brought home a First Class Relic of this dear Blessed one. Deo Gratias.

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      Hi Sheryl!
      Would you be pleased to let me know how your husband acquired a first class relic of Blessed Anna maria Taigi? Thanks in advance.

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    Colleen, I first heard of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi when I first read “Dressing with Dignity”, and you referred to her as your favorite saint. After reading about her in the book “Secular Saints”, I can see why.

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    A couple of years ago I searched online to find a saint who could intercede for me to find a good husband. I found the Tridium Prayer to Blessed Anna Maria Taigi which a woman prayed and whose prayers were answered.

    Today, October 15, 2012, my new husband (we got married September 28, 2012) brought me to her at San Chrisogono’s Church in Rome. He was not aware that he was the answer to my prayers because of her intercession. I was blessed to spend a fair amount of time in her presence as I gazed on awe at her incorrupt body.

    I must add that my husband is a new convert as well. He was baptized and confirmed and received his First Communion September 8, 2012. Our honeymoon was a 16 day pilgrimage in Italy with Bon and Penny Lord from EWTN’s Journeys of Faith.

    I thanked her profusely and prayed that she continues to intercede for me to be a good wife and mother. I will be telling others of her.

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