05 Oct 2010

“Why I Wear a Mantilla”, by Mantilla the Hon

Fr. Longedecker has a great sense of humor! I share my thoughts on why I wear a mantilla below. Thoughts?

Famous ecclesiastical fashionista, Mantilla Amontillado comments on her particular headgear

OK, hon. You asked me why I wear the mantilla. It’s easy.
This mantilla is to look good. So what’s wrong with looking good? Also, it is for something else.
The Bible says women should cover their heads in church. When I wear the mantilla I’m saying, “Look here. I believe the Bible.” In this day and age, that’s ridiculous too.
Third reason I wear the mantilla is because it is Catholic.
Fourth reason: I met this Amish girl once. She was wearing one of those little bonnets that look like the thing you collect strawberries in, but it was white and upside down on her head.
I say, “Why are you wearing that crazy thing on your head?”
She looks me in the eye and says “It is the sign that I am submissive to God and to men.”
I nearly punched her in the eye. “Are you crazy? You want to be submissive to God and men? What’s wrong with you? I think I’m going to slap you girl!”
She says, “Well, you got to be submissive to something. Everybody’s got to take orders from someone. Who you going to take orders from? Yourself? Who do you think you are? God? Get over it.”
Whew! talk about radical statements? That one knocked me for a loop. Then I start to think about it, and I think maybe she’s right. So I got my own version of the Amish bonnet which is my mantilla, and I’m happy about the submissive to God thing, but I want to argue with her about the submission to man thing because so many of the boys are beasts.
But never mind that. Another reason: I wear it because it annoys liberal Catholics, and that is always fun, you know?
Finally there is this: I wear it to remind the men in my life that I am submissive to God, and I’ll tell you a secret, I’d like to find one of them I could be submissive to as well, but they better watch out because if they take advantage of that they’re going to be sorry, because if they think ‘submissive’ means I’m going to be some kind of Minnie Mouse doormat they’d better think again.

My comment:

In addition to St. Paul (1 Cor 11:15), it was pointed out to me that everything that is holy, mysterious (in the divine sense), and sacred in our Catholic Faith is veiled. A baldacchino ‘veils’ the altar. The Tabernacle is veiled. The humeral veil a priest uses during Benediction. And Chalice veils laid over the holy vessels.

Women are, by their nature, the very vessels of life. And what better way to honor a woman’s cooperation with God in creating new souls for heaven than for her to be veiled as well?

I am humbled before God for being able to carry another soul within my body…and I am not ashamed to veil my head in His presence.

As G.K. Chesteron wrote, “No one staring at that frightful female privilege can quite believe in the equality of the sexes…” (What’s Wrong with the World).

What a distinct honor to wear a mantilla!!!

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    The picture of either a Spanish or Italian woman IS attractive, but maybe too much so. Her top is too low and her skirt is too short. Sorry, she doesn’t meet honest modesty requirements. I wish it were easier, but it’s not.

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    Here’s my mantilla story. I hope you like it. http://shovedtothem.blogspot.com/2009/05/one-of-that-kind-of-catholic.html

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