09 Feb 2011

Fr. Z: Poll on Women Veiling at Mass

Wow, this is a volatile subject! What do you think?

Should women in the Latin Church wear some kind of head-cover in church?

Evidently, Fr. Z knows of a woman who was asked by her priest to NOT wear her chapel veil when coming to the ambo to read at Mass.

From Fr. Z:

I ask fellow bloggers, liberal or conservative, traditional or progressivist, to help get the word out about this poll so we can have as large a sampling as possible.

In the Latin Church it was once obligatory under Canon Law for women to ear a head covering in Church (veil, scarf, or hat).  At present it is not obligatory, but there seems to be a slow resurgence of this tradition.  My opinion is that it should be revived.


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10 responses to “Fr. Z: Poll on Women Veiling at Mass”

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    I think the woman referenced was showing the schizophrenia of the new church. If she’s going to follow Tradition in wearing a veil, what is she doing being a lector during the Mass? Women were not supposed to he heard in the church setting, nor were they supposed to be on the altar at anytime during the Mass. I wore a veil for about one year at our Novus Ordo parish. I was the only one in the entire church, ever, who did so. Frankly, I realized that it’s now the cultural norm to not wear a veil and that standing out in the congregation wasn’t serving a purpose other than looking “odd” and “attention seeking” to those who are puzzled by this weird, outdated behavior.

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    Why females have nerve to not cover their heads in church is beyond me, especially since 1 Cor. 11: 4-15 and Canon Law 1262 REQUIRE female heads to be covered in church. I don’t care if she wear a hat or a veil, any female entering a church should cover her head. I hope our clergy, from as low ranking as pastors to as high ranking as diocesan bishops start mandating this.

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    Father Z. is such a good priest, when I wrote to the Congregation for Bishops to recommend potential candidates for posts around the U.S. and Canada, I recommended Father Z., as well as Bishops Morlino of Madison and Gainer of Lexington to succeed the more heterodox John Vlazny as Archbishop of Portland.

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    For a female to enter a church with her head uncovered is the same a a male to enter a church with his head covered, and BOTH violate 1 Cor.11:4-15. However, I am happy to mention that I almost never see males covering their heads in churches(a rare exception was last Thursday when a fellow singer in my church’s choir walked in church with a hat on his head).

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    Telling a woman, and mandating at that, to not cover her head in church is like mandating a priest or nun to violate his/her celibacy vows. It’s also like telling people to show a lack of decorum in our churches, or be asked to leave. It’s high time our prelates mandated females cover their heads in churches!

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    Father Z. is such a good shepherd that, when I write to our nuncio to recommend men to lead dioceses, I will recommend him. That said, today I read his “What Does The Prayer Really Say” blog and feel, when it comes to seeing to it females cover their heads in churches, he doesn’t go far enough. Though I’m not quoting him verbatim, he feels a priest is going too far if he denies a female Communion if she goes up to receive the Eucharist with her head uncovered. I wish MORE priests had the guts to do that, since it violates BOTH 1 Cor. 11:4-15 and Canon Law 1262; while we’re at it, our clergy should also get the decency and courage to deny Communion to gals in pants, shorts, too short skirts and dresses, and not appropriate tops(they violate 1 Tim. 2:9-10 and, in the case of pants and shorts, Dt. 22:5).

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    I voted YES, women should cover their hair, and it should be obligatory. As Dwayne said, it is in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians!

    Covering is a sign of respect before God, and also is a good way to keep a uniform, modest appearance so that nearby male worshipers (worshippers?) are not distracted by a woman’s hair or big hat.

    Personally, I really like the extent of modesty exercised by women in moderate Muslim countries: long skirts, long sleeves, high necklines, and a loose fit, along with a scarf tied and draped to cover the hair and the bosom. (NOT the face veil, though!) I wear lightweight trousers under my long skirts so that my figure isn’t shown when walking, or my legs when kneeling. With this addition, I can worship without worrying and fussing about pulling this up or pulling that down to cover “whatever”.

    I realize that I am conservative in the implementation of dress, but it is what makes me feel most comfortable and relaxed and frees me to focus on the presence of Our Lord during Mass.

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      Mari-Lynn, needless to say, I too voted yes in the poll.

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    Why don’t all of you ultra-conservative women just start wearing a burqa and get it over with?

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