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Table Manners: A Top Ten List

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Table Manners Aren’t Just About Making Your Mother Happy!!!

Whether care to acknowledge it or not, how we eat is an outward sign of our inner personality and character. By teaching table manners early and often, they’ll become second nature.

Has you family mastered these basic table manners?

Table Manners

“Don’t blow bubbles…”

Rule Number One

Before beginning your meal, store all electronic devices.

Rule Number Two

As soon as you sit down at the table, put your napkin in your lap – and don’t forget to use it during the meal if you need to blot your lips or wipe your fingers. After the meal, the napkin is to be loosely folded (soiled parts hidden and placed left of your plate.

Rule Number Three

Wait until everyone is served before picking up your cutler and beginning to eat.

Rule Number Four

Cut one bite of food at a time, sit up strait, and bring your food up to your mouth ratheer than lowering your head to the food, and never talk with food in your mouth.

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