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Do You Have VIRTUE Goals?

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Do You Have Virtue Goals?

This Week: Setting Personal Goals!

Have you done any virtue goal setting for 2016?

“Coffee with Colleen” — a Monday Morning video series to help you grow in self-confidence, peace, and joy. No makeup. Haven’t done my hair. No script. Just me, my morning thoughts, and my first cup of coffee of the day!

Virtue Personal Assessment Goal Setting Wheel Circle Colleen Hammond


Have you done any virtue goal setting for 2016?

Many people set all sorts of weight loss & health goals. Financial goals. Relationship goals. Career and spiritual goals.

How are your personal goals coming along? Are they based on your core values and growing in virtue? Becoming a better person this year than you were last year?

This week’s chat focuses on one “piece of the pie”: Personal, virtue goals.

For a PDF copy of the Personal Assessment Goal Wheel, click here.



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