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    [...] The TRUTH about HPV Vaccines (Part 5) [...]

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    I have 2 nieces who have had the vaccine shots: one had all 3 and suffers terribly, and has for 3 years now; monthly she gets so ill and in such great pain (what a life for a teenager); the other had 2 of the shots and has “minor” issues.

    This is absolutely devastating.

    Thank you for the information, I will be forwarding it.

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    My 13 yr old daughters doctor kept insisting she get the G vaccine. I refused. and told him we had questions and concerns, I told him I read on many medical sites that the vaccine could not assure she wouldnt get this cancer. Also my daughter insisted to him she was not going to be sexually active, he mocked her and tried to give the vaccine with out my permission. Dr Anders Nelson Clarks Summit Pa . When I told him my concerns he said they were not valid. I asked him to please show me the info saying I was wrong. he said it was on the internet and he couldnt get it. He was hostile that we wouldnt allow the vaccine.

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