04 Oct 2011

Obama, Evil, and the Catholic Church

Obama and Catholicism. Here is Obama and his attack on the Catholic Church which Michael refers to in his Vortex episode below.

A Catholic in good standing will  not, in good conscious, vote for Obama. And apparently, 55% of Americans say Obama will not be re-elected.

“The battle has finally erupted into the public between Obama and the Catholic Church. Time for Catholics to choose sides – once and for all.”


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7 responses to “Obama, Evil, and the Catholic Church”

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    I was one of only two people in my family that did NOT vote for that disgrace Obama(a sister of mine is the other). He has conducted himself as if he does not deserve to be, as they say, “elected dog catcher”. He is a pro-abortion extremist, he has an anti-White and anti-Catholic streak. That quack Biden is also bad news(when Obama chose Biden as a running mate, I’m surprised the Republicans did not take Obama to task for choosing a running mate that made a comment that, had it come out of a non-liberal’s mouth, would’ve had the left crying foul but, because it was one of their own, silence; Biden said Obama was the first articulate, well-groomed African-American to run for president, and we all know that’s a lie, not to mention racist, but nobody took Biden to task for it.

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    Obama is so bad using his name and “evil” together is a bit redundant, if that’s a strong enough word to describe him. He has pulled some stunts(if that’s a strong enough word to describe his actions) that I feel will all but garauntee his defeat in November.

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    As you probably know, our so-called president has(no pun intended) outed himself in support of same-sex “marraige”. This may all but guarantee his defeat in November(I hope).

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    Earlier this week, I saw a bumper sticker that I could not agree with more! It said “NObama”(Of course, this is going to get me in trouble with the Obama lovers. First off, I was one of only two people in my family who did NOT vote for that creep; my middle sister was the other, though my liberal to the bone mother called him a disappoint. Second, my boss is hoping he gets reelected, so if he comes up, I hope I don’t get fired, not that I’m going to NOT stand my ground). However, I also a bumper sticker that it would not take an Obama fan to hate(and some Obama fans may try to use it as a rally to vote for “Barry”, as he is sometimes called). I won’t go into details, but some will say it’s racist.

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    The more I hear about Obama’s missteps, the more I think his defeat will be more a matter of how badly than if.

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    A lot of supporters of “Obamacare” just don’t get it! It’s about trying to stick it to us Catholics, and yet they are oblivious to that, and/or they LIKE the fact that he wants to force employers to shove contraceptives down people’s throats! Either way, he needs to go!

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    Recently, an Obama cabinet member pulled an over the top stunt! He compared the Catholic Church to the Ku Klux Klan! That will be news to everybody, since the Klan is NOT fond of Catholics any more than it is of other non-Protestant groups, and Holy Mother Church has not shown any solidarity with these idiots.

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