12 Apr 2012

My New Radio Show: First Topic, the SSPX!

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Join us Monday evenings at 8pm Eastern for a LIVE Radio program: Up Close! You’ll be able to listen live, AND call in to ask questions! Go to this link and click the “Follow” button below my pic to be informed of all upcoming shows and to receive the live call-in phone number.

Since Rome has given the SSPX a ‘deadline’ of April 15th, our first topic Monday evening (April 16th) will be the SSPX. We have a few surprise guests that will be joining us, but the one we can announce is Louie Verrecchio.

You can watch Michael Voris interviewing Louie here. Also, Louie wrote an article this week: Is SSPX homecoming imminent?

There’s also a very interesting take on the situation over at the Remnant: The Ides of April: Some thoughts on the Society’s Imminent Response to Rome

Please join us Monday evening!

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7 responses to “My New Radio Show: First Topic, the SSPX!”

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    Colleen, if anyone deserves a radio show, you do! Also, the first topic to be discussed could not be more appropriate! I’ve yet to tune in and I can already say you are my favorite radio host!

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    Very interesting, I plan to listen!

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    Congratulations, Colleen. I wish you much success in this venture.

    Discussing the SSPX “topic” sure is precarious under the best of circumstances – as when all facts are known and understood. To my knowledge there are only a few people (clerics in the SSPX and in the Vatican) who really KNOW what is going on. Best of luck with this.

    What ever 4/15 brings or does not bring, I hope what is below the surface of turbulant waters, unknown, does not sink anyone’s ship.

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    A wonderful and inspiring show/debate! Thanks and God Bless you!


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    Hi Colleen:

    I wasn’t able to catch your first show but would be interested in hearing this topic in particular. Do you plan to have an Audio Link of the recorded shows for those of us that miss them? Or maybe you already do and I’m just not seeing it!


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