29 Feb 2012

Michael Voris interviews Colleen Hammond

I was in Michigan for my Dad’s funeral, stayed a few weeks to help my Mom, and zipped over to the RealCatholicTV studios to record this.

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13 responses to “Michael Voris interviews Colleen Hammond”

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    Colleen, if what I know about RealCatholicTV means anytthing, I can’t wait until I get enough money to get cable or satellite TV. If my provider has the channel, perfect. If not, I will INSIST RealCatholic TV is added, even if I have to pay extra(and go to the cleaners in the bargain), or lose me as a subscriber.

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    If what I know about RealCatholicTV means anything, I will, after I save up enough money, get cable or satellite TV. If my subscriber has RealCatholicTV, perfect. If not, I will insist the powers-that-be add it, or lose me as a subscriber.

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    Outstanding! When is the next show.

    Jim Dorchak

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    Colleen, you will get my prayers! Also, you are such a devoted daughter of the church that you are a living saint, and I don’t have, let alone, express, those sentiments lightly!

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    Colleen, I saw your interview, and was not disappointed! You mention the “Spirit of Vatican II”. Bishop Ralph Walker Nickless of Sioux City, in his first pastoral letter, which he wrote in October 2009, refers to the “Spirit of Vatican II” as “a ghost or demon we need to exorcise in order to proceed with the work of Our Lord”. He hits the nail on the head so accurately that, had The Holy Father chosen him to succeed the heterodox Cardinal Mahony as our prelate here in Los Angeles, I would know we got a good archbishop. Las year, I wrote to the Congregation for Bishops after the death of our nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, to recommend Bishop Nickless to succeed the recently retired Archbishop Daniel Beuchlien as Archbishop of Indianapolis. Also, since you mentioned what Our Lady said at Fatima regarding how certain fashions would be introduced that would offend Our Lord very much; I read just under 9 years ago that Saint Vincent Ferrer(whom I heard about for the very first time because of finding out about what I’m about to discuss) prophesied that, in The End Days, that females would dress like males.

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    Colleen, as many times as I’ve written recently, I want to ask you, how is your mother holding up? She is in my prayers.

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    Colleen, I’ve told few, in any, people this, but as much as I love Holy Mother Church, I’ve, from time to time, given thought to founding a Roman Catholic network when I get enough money. If that happens, it will be based here in Los Angeles. I haven’t decided a name, but I will only allow orthodox Catholic programming, and, to show I have a sense of decorum, will have a dress code for both sexes(for males, no shorts or t-shirts at work. For females, skirts and dresses that are at least 2″ below the knee, though I may have to find a way to talk them out of wearing pants, since state law requires employers to allow females to wear pants to work, and tops that cover back, belly button, and cleavage. There will be no immodest dress allowed). Also, while this is less important than what else I’ve mentioned so far, I, who feel it doesn’t take a prude to acknowledge, and lament, how people have lost a sense of decorum and class these days, will even have the words “gentlemen” and “ladies”(as opposed to the more than coomon “men” and “women”) on restroom doors. Of course, if I get to found my network, it will be the fourth Catholic network(the others are EWTN, Catholic TV, and RealCatholic TV).

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