02 Nov 2011

CCHD: Social IN-Justice?

Wow, this is shocking, disturbing, nauseating…and very well documented. The money we (used to) donate to the CCHD to “help the poor” is actually going to organizations that promote sexual immorality and Communism.

In the past, the various diocese’s that we’ve lived in has ASSIGNED an amount for each parish to collect for the CCHD…and if that amount of money is NOT collected, the balance comes out of parish coffers from normal, weekly collections. (You might want to check with you priest about that.)

And here’s a copy of a great article about the USCCB’s Lame Defense of the CCHD.

There’s a petition from last year (unrelated to RealCatholicTV’s documentary) to Defund CCHD. And this was in the news two years ago as well.

And, you can purchase a DVD of this documentary PLUS a resource DVD, for only $10. I’m getting a few copies to share with various priests I know. I hope they don’t realize the money they’re collecting is going to support abortion, contraception, and various Communist programs. YIPES!

Please share this page, which contains all the information, with fellow Catholics that might be considering donating to the CCHD. After viewing it, they may change their mind, as they don’t want to be supporting anti-Catholic organizations.

“Under the pretense of fighting poverty and injustice, the USCCB-run Catholic Campaign for Human Development has disfigured Catholic Social teaching to make it nothing more than a tool to help promote sexual immorality and Communism.”

There were over 500 research hours devoted to this program, and many documents were used and referenced. Click here to access all of this information.

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3 responses to “CCHD: Social IN-Justice?”

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    Many people love to use the poor and “social justice” to get away with NOT having to talk about Latin Mass, divorce, same-sex behavior, altar girls, and immodest dress. In fact, they’re of the mindset that EITHER a person is concerned about moral and liturgical issues OR (s)he is concerned about social issues. These people bow down to what is known as the “social gospel”, and it needs to stop.

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    The second paragraph is something I could not be more familiar with. In fact, this is something every Catholic Angeleno is confronted with, and, if what I’m reading means much, Catholics all over have this shoved down their throats.

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    Abortion is the ULTIMATE form of social injustice!

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