14 Sep 2011

Announcement: My New TV Show!

Your prayers are appreciated as we begin filming “At Home with the Faith”, which will air on RealCatholicTV!

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8 responses to “Announcement: My New TV Show!”

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    Colleen, this is a pleasant surprise! When will your show air, and where will it be taped? As much as I like “Dressing with Dignity”, I want to support your show any way I can.

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    How WONDERFUL, Colleen. I will be watching and tell others about your show coming up in January!!

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    [...] friend Colleen Hammond has joined RealCatholicTV.com to produce a new video series – At Home with the Faith.  I [...]

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    But since these are recorded, I doubt you’d have the opportunity to report on the weather unless we’re talking biblical proportions …

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    I looked at your blog and noticed the topics to be discussed. Talk about a winner!

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