19 Oct 2010

Have You ANY Conception of What Abortion is About?

Moving, short video from Youth Defence. This video was banned from Irish television for being “too political”. Using amazing footage of an unborn child in the womb, it is challenging, thought-provoking, beautiful and sad. Show it to your friends. Spread the message.

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4 responses to “Have You ANY Conception of What Abortion is About?”

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    The ultrasound is one of the best inventions ever! In fact, this is true because it has caused people to oppose abortion.

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    Colleen, your book, “Dressing with Dignity” packs, as they say, a “one-two” punch; not only does it talk about what fashions are to be avoided/accepted, it talks about abortion, how wrong abortion and birth control are, and even how the latter play a role in immodest dress. On Sunday, I invited a friend of mine to a pro-life rally this coming October 7th. She, who sings in my church’s choir, said, “You’re going to hate me, but I’m pro-choice”. I, who have been planning since Easter to have her read “Dressing with Dignity”(while she always wears appropriate length skirts and dresses to Mass, she never covers her head in Church and, with the exception of last Thursday, won’t hesitate to wear pants to choir practice), am even MORE determined to have her read your book,; That way, she may wake up and realize that abortion is WRONG! True, it will make her realize that females have no business wearing anything other than skirts and dresses of appropriate length, no matter where they are, and MUST cover their heads in churches, but she will also be confonted with proof that abortion and birth control are immoral! I’ll keep you posted.

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    If that “a woman’s right to choose” nonsense isn’t enough, some females also try to get their tubes tied and even try to get husbands to get vasectomies! When I get married, if my wife wants to get her tubes tied, I will stop her at every turn; I’ll be just as assertive if she tries to get me to have a vasectomy.

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    Over a decade ago, Father Benedict Groeschel made a true, if potentially provocative, comment on one of EWTN’s shows; he said that, because of abortions and birth “control”(G.k. Chesterton was right when he said “birth prevention”, because “control” sounds too not negative), the “White race is killing itself”(that’s right; not immigration to the U.S. of nonwhites, not procreation of nonwhites, and certainly not marraige between whites and nonwhites, but that’ for another topic). Of course, everyone seems to be doing the same, but abortion and contraception have played an especially large role in why the Caucasian population in the United States has dropped.

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