19 Oct 2011

Defund Planned Parenthood: Sign Here!

Sign here.

Every year Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding. Along with the strong majority of Americans who oppose taxpayer funding of abortion, we find this situation completely unacceptable. Not only is Planned Parenthood the largest killer of innocent unborn human life in America, but it has also been repeatedly found to violate basic laws designed to protect the safety of our underage children. In addition, Planned Parenthood regularly posts large profits.

To us it is perfectly clear: Planned Parenthood does not need and does not deserve our money.

We demand that Congress immediately pass legislation defunding Planned Parenthood.

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7 responses to “Defund Planned Parenthood: Sign Here!”

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    As much as Planned Parenthood has done its part to ruin our country, I’m all for doing my part to contribute to the end of Planned Parenthood’s existence.

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    [...] Colleen Hammond, there is a petition online requesting Congress de-fund Planned Parenthood in its entirety, [...]

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    I’m happy to see the press exposing Planned Parenthood for what they are and do! Let’s hope and pray their existence is up.

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    This afternoon, I saw some idiots asking me if I supported Planneed Parenthood; I blunted told the person who asked me “NO”! In fact, if I see that nonsense again, I’ll not only say “no”, I(who was pretty unyielding in my answer, and was treated pretty badly by the guy who asked me if I supported those people if his tone when saying “thank you” to me means anything) will even go so far as to add something to it(though by no means anything that will make people who, like me, are fighting to stop abortion and birth prevention, think I’m hurting the pro-life cause).

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    Yesterday, I read in the current edition edition of the “National Catholic Register” that where abortion was legal, “maternity deaths” were higher than where abortion was illegal(of course, Planned Parenthood tried to concoct statics that made it seem otherwise, but they aren’t fooling anyone).

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    In today’s “Los Angeles Times”, I read letters to the editor, and one stuck out so badly I had to tell you about. A woman named Jo Caldwell, a resident of Spring Valley(a San Diego suburb my youngest sister used to live in) said, “We have a social duty to provide for abortions”, and even accused males who oppose abortion of adopting an “essential male attitude based on the ridiculous religious control of women”, even saying Yank males are “denying women education and keeping them in a virtual prison of hot garments and medieval laws”(her words, not mine). She is a feminist who may not be satisfied unless all females are butch dressing, man hating, baby killers.

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