04 Nov 2010

Cher: “My Mom ALMOST Aborted Me!”

HT to Gus.

From ABC:

On how her mother almost aborted her: “My mother told me once about how she got pregnant with me and didn’t want to be with my dad; she was just so young and inexperienced. My grandmother said, ‘You have a bright future.’ She actually suggested an abortion, so my mom was in the doctor’s office—a back-alley doctor—getting on the table. And then at the last minute she said, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t care what happens—I can’t do this.’ “

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9 responses to “Cher: “My Mom ALMOST Aborted Me!””

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    According to my mother, my grandmother offered to send her to Europe for an abortion in 1966 when she became pregnant with me out of wedlock at age 18. I was saved, thanks be to God. However, I learned after my mother’s death at age 45 of breast cancer, that she’d had 3 abortions subsequently. I know my mother suffered tremendously for her “choices.” What I don’t know, is if my grandmother has ever repented of what she suggested to my mother at that time.

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      Lisa, I just prayed for your grandmother and your mom, that Jesus will welcome them both into His arms. And Mary is praying for you.

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    I notice she says “A back alley doctor” – I wonder if it occurred to Cher that it wouldn’t really have mattered to her, Cher, if it was back alley, or done in a legal, sterile environment…

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      I thought the SAME thing. The reference to “back alley doctor” was an innuendo me thinks.

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    The real story is whether or not her sympathies are pro-life as a result of this experience. It doesn’t always happen.

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    If she made Jesus her personal savior than she’s going to heaven, if not than no.

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      Matt, you can make Jesus your personal savior and think abortion is an option. “Christians” need to change from within. What you profess should not be a one time event, but a lifetime of decisions.

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    That’s right. Just like it’s not a sin to be tempted, but don’t act. It’s not a sin to anger but don’t act. A true Christian does not kill an unborn child for convenience reasons.
    Also to dispel the notion that abortion is not murder. A woman 3 months pregnant was murdered in St. Louis in 2010, the killer is being tried for… get this… waaaaait… listen for it… THAT’S Riiiiiight… DOUBLE Homicide. So YES, it is considered murder.
    No one disagrees that for life of the mother abortion is necessary, but that is 0.000083% of abortions. Incest and rape, certainly but do it IMMEDIATELY and NOT when the fetus/embryo begins to develop a brain (3 weeks) because THEN it feels the pain.

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    As much as I oppose abortion(I won’t even vote for someone who is “mostly” against abortion, because that means (s)he is okay with abortion at least some of the time), I bet Cher, an all but unabashed lefty is not. She certainly stands up FOR homosexual and “transgendered” rights. She also has praised Katharine Hepburn for her “wearing of the pants”, both figuratively and literally.

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