4 responses to “PETA Won’t Like This…”

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    YUCK! In order to drink, your lips would come way too close to a dead rodent’s lips. Not too many men would find this appealing. BUT on a more positive note … those coats sure would keep the beer cold!

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    Oh the irony! I’m not worried about people who this is marketed to, but I would like to know how to find out what all they are using in my skin creams.

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    PETA is shameless! These people strike me as the type who would put their loved ones’ lives on the backburner for animals.

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    The city of West Hollywood recently pulled another peice of proof of how decent people may avoid the city like the palgue. A law was recently passed banning fur sales. Some merchants are rightfully mad. This is also the same city that, less than a half dozen years ago, passed a law that states that pets cannot be called pets, and their owners cannot be called owners. Pet owners are to be called “guardians”; what pets are called, I forgot; I’m just glad I don’t live in West Hollywood.

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