28 Nov 2010

“Birth Or Not” Abortion Vote Site Admits It’s a Hoax

Good heavens, pray for this couple.

Full story at Life News.

Pete and Alisha Arnold put up the web site under the claim that they were conflicted over a decision about whether to have an abortion and take the live of their 17-week-old unborn child or give birth to the baby.

In new comments to CNN, Pete Arnold said his wife supports legalized abortion but he admitted the couple put the web site online knowing they never intended to seek an abortion.

Arnold also admitted what bloggers from both sides of the abortion debate revealed days ago — that he purchased the BirthOrNot.com web domain about four months ago — well before Alisha became pregnant.

“We chose our words very carefully,” Arnold told CNN about  public statements saying the site was legitimate during the international press craze that followed the initial stories.

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    The opening sentence of this article says it all.

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