08 Oct 2010

Obituary Asks for Donations for “Whoever is Running Against Obama”

No kidding! Politics until death do us part.

Story here, bit below:

A reader passed along an obituary this week for a man who died last month in Rome, Ga. Donald Unsworth was 78 — husband, father, grandfather, veteran, former police officer, safety director of the Floyd County Police Department and owner of both Rome Driver’s Training School and Carter’s Hardware and Auto Parts. The obituary said Unsworth would “always be remembered for his generosity and his willingness to help needy families and friends,” and suggested donations to the American Cancer Society. Additionally, Unsworth asked to be remembered in two years, requesting that contributions be made in his name to “whoever is running against President Barack Obama in 2012.”

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One response to “Obituary Asks for Donations for “Whoever is Running Against Obama””

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    As one of only two people in my family who did NOT vote for Obama(the other ia sister of mine a year my junior), I will not vote for him in 2012. Also, as much as the press is giving Herman Cain a hard time, if he was Mister Left, the press wouldn’t hound him a bit!

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