09 Sep 2010

Man Arrested for Protecting His Property and Family

Responsible gun owner threatened by a ruthless gang is arrested for NOT shooting the gang members. Instead, he fired a couple of warning shots into the ground and diffused the situation. Gang leaves, man’s family is safe, man gets arrested.


Oh. New York.

Full story here. A bit below. And make sure to watch this video:

George Grier said he had to use his rifle on Sunday night to stop what he thought was going to be an invasion of his Uniondale home by a gang he thought might have been the vicious “MS-13.” He said the whole deal happened as he was about to drive his cousin home.

“I went around and went into the house, ran upstairs and told my wife to call the police. I get the gun and I go outside and I come into the doorway and now, by this time, they are in the driveway, back here near the house. I tell them, you know, ‘Can you please leave?’ Grier said.

Grier said the five men dared him to use the gun; and that their shouts brought another larger group of gang members in front of his house.

“He starts threatening my family, my life. ‘Oh you’re dead. I’m gonna kill your family and your babies. You’re dead.’ So when he says that, 20 others guys come rushing around the corner. And so I fired four warning shots into the grass,” Grier said.

Grier was later arrested. John Lewis is Grier’s attorney.

“What he’s initially charged with – A D felony reckless endangerment — requires a depraved indifference to human life, creating a risk that someone’s going to die. Shooting into a lawn doesn’t create a risk of anybody dying,” Lewis said.

Grier said he knew Nassau County Police employ the hi-tech “ShotSpotter” technology in his area and that the shooting would bring police in minutes. Cops told Guzman he was very cooperative.

Read the rest of the story here.

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    I find it disturbing how a man can get arrested for DOING THE RIGHT THING! It’s like punishing a child for good behavior! The irony is, had his attempts to protect his family failed, he’d be treated like he did everything but kill his family(despite fighting tooth and nail to save them). Also, if I was in charge of the Uniondale Police Department, I’d not only fire the losers who arrested hin, I’d see to it they NEVER worked in law enforcement again(that goes foe security guard) until they showed some repentance!

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