14 Sep 2010

27 Zingers for Republican Campaign Speeches

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Entire list here. Some below.

Heading into the midterm congressional elections, Republicans have the facts and the people on their side. Now they need the words that can lasso listeners and snag sound bites. Here, then, are 27 zingers Republican candidates might sprinkle in their speeches.

1.  “Here is an economics lesson for President Obama and congressional Democrats: You can’t be ‘for jobs’ and against those who create them.”

2.  “Saying government can ‘spend its way to prosperity’ is like saying you can ‘eat yourself skinny.’”

5.  “If ignorance is bliss, why do Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi always look so gloomy?”

6.  “With all due respect, Mr. President: Tea Parties aren’t what’s wrong with America.”

7. “This President loves to travel the world apologizing for America. Mr. President, how about traveling America apologizing for your policies?”

8.  “Obama has added more to the national debt in 2 years than all Presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan—combined. This is not the change we’ve been waiting for.”

9.  “To say that this Congress and President spend like drunken sailors is an insult to drunken sailors.”

10.  “This president throws a White House party every week. We need a President, not a party organizer.”

11.  “That crackling sound you’re hearing is Rome burning.”

13.  “The Obama economy forced us to ‘sacrifice’ our summer vacation. Couldn’t the Obamas give up one of their 12?”

14.  “Here’s our message to Washington: Americans want work, not welfare. We support small business, not bailouts.”

15.  “Our message to this administration is clear: Keep your hands off our children’s money.”

18.  “I guess when President Obama promised us that he was going to ‘spread the wealth around’ he meant for Michelle’s travel entourage.”

20.  “Only in Washington could destroying America’s future be deemed a ‘stimulus.’”

21.  “Taxpayers want to know: if Tim Geithner doesn’t pay his taxes, why should we?”

24.  “President Obama lectures us that going on a Vegas vacation is decadent. What does that make Michelle’s $325,000.00 taxpayer funded trip to Spain?”

27.  “Washington would do well to remember the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: ‘The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.’”

Wynton C. Hall is a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and the owner of Wynton Hall & Co., a celebrity ghostwriting and speechwriting agency. He is the author, most recently, of The Right Words: Great Republican Speeches that Shaped History

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