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By March 16, 2017 Beauty 6 Comments

Beating Breast Cancer. Surviving a heart attack. A death in the family. I’m happy 2016 is over!

I’m excited to be back at work, and I’m moving to a more “detailed” way of keeping in touch with you because I’m moving away from MailChimp.

Will you please move with me?

I only want to send you the emails you want, so you get to pick and choose as many of the below ideas that you’d like!

eBook Options

  • If you’d like to hear from me regarding modesty issues, sign up by clicking here. (You’ll also get my personal “modesty resources” list of where to buy modest clothing online.) Or cut/paste this link:
  • If you’d like to hear from me about Beauty Tips,  sign up by clicking here. (You’ll also receive the free eBook “Coffee Beauty Tips”— how to use coffee to firm your skin, reduce dark circles and bags under your eyes, etc…) Or cut/paste this link:
  • If you’d like to hear from me about time management and productivity, sign up by clicking here. (You’ll also receive a free eBook, “How to Increase Your Willpower and Make Better Decisions“.) Or cut/paste this link:

That’s all for now! See you in one of the three choices above!



  • So sorry to hear all of that Colleen and praying 2017 is a better year for you. I’m wondering if you do talks to groups on Dressing with Dignity . . . and if yes, what would the speaking fee be?

  • Chris says:

    God bless you! 2017 will be better! Looking forward to all your sites!

  • Herminia says:

    Please send you Dressing with Dignity presentation fee to me also.

  • Theresa says:

    Your have come through some tough times with such grace. You keep smiling and moving forwar in the face of a challenge. Such inspiration that the world is in need of. Sending big Bear hugs!

  • Eva says:

    I’m so sorry of what you and your loved ones underwent last year. I ditto everything Theresa said. You are an inspiration to all.

  • Victoria Gostel says:

    I’m very happy you are still with us. You can not be replaced. Keep smiling and we will keep praying.

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