Modest Clothing Resources

Listed below (page down) are links to various websites where you can find modest clothing. I regret that the availability of clothing that is modest, feminine and chic is so drastically limited. Hopefully, our Petition to Clothing Manufacturers will change all of that. I look forward to announcing my own line of clothing, but time constraints have stiffled that project. Please sign the Petition!

I have received hundreds of emails from those who are interested in poplular fashions that are modest. Although it’s easier now than a year or two ago, our options are still limited. With the help of Christine Suppes (fashion editor at, I have found a few designers that offer tailored and classic styles. They are Michael Kors, Roland Mouret, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Chado Ralph Rucci and Carolina Herrera. Some of the ‘younger generation’ designers would be Marc Jacobs, Richard Chai, and Zac Posen.

The websites below are from a wide variety of faiths. Some are Catholic, some are secular, some are from other faiths, and not all the clothing on each website will pass the Outfit Guidelines, either!

Some websites are small cottage businesses, some are larger manufacturers, and some are seamstresses that make outfits to your specifications.

Very few websites offer clothing that some may consider hip and chic. The rest handle a more ‘classic’ look.

Check back here for additional resources, as I will be posting more as I find them. And you if have a business that you would like see listed, please email me and give me the URL. I will post it, and include it in future editions of the book, Dressing with Dignity.

Use your discretion and common sense when visiting each site and selecting clothing for your family. I only offer these websites as a service. I do not guarantee the sites, nor do I promise anything about them, endorse them, or recommend any one website or business over another.

Caveat Emptor: “Let the buyer beware!”


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