07 Mar 2011

The Power and Pleasure of Delayed Gratification

I love the Art of Manliness (as do the  men in my family), and this column is no exception.

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This is a principle that can be applied not just to food, but to all areas of our lives. The rarer something is, and the more we hold off on getting what we want, the greater the pleasure and pay-off when we finally do.

Setting Our Own Limits in an Age of Anomie

We live in an instant gratification world. Pretty much any pleasure we desire is on tap at any moment, night or day. Want to watch porn? It’s only a click away. Need some food? Microwave that dinner, tear open that bag, or head to a 24 hour fast food joint. Want to buy a new camera at three in the morning while sitting in your underwear? Surf over to Amazon. Want to talk to a friend? Send a text. Need to be entertained? Grab your remote control.

It is the age of now. The spigot of pleasure is constantly running full blast.

In an Age of Anomie where social rules and standards have given way to full bore personal freedom, no one is going to stop you from sticking your mouth over that spigot and filling up until they have to roll you away. It is up to you as your own man to control the flow, to turn the faucet on and off, to set limits for yourself not because you have to, but because you want to. While society once dictated what was sacred or special, you must now take the initiative to sacralize things yourself.

Why would you want to do that? In order to increase your pleasure, happiness, and manliness.

The Benefits of Delayed Gratification

It’s clear we’re talking about self-denial here. Which is one of those terribly unpopular words these days, like “sacrifice” and “discipline.” It makes you feel all itchy and suffocated just thinking about it. Why would you want to deny yourself of anything?

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