Manners: Top 25 Manners for Kids, Toddlers, and Adults!

Manners maketh the man!

What are the top manners for kids (children)? For Toddlers? School?Manners Top 25 Manners for Kids, Toddlers, and Adults!

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At their core, etiquette is much more significant than just being able to follow certain rules and regulations in our dealing with others.

It’s an example of our character and virtue —

Our actions actually show and reveal our true heart and our character.

How do we treat others who can do nothing for us in return?

They also give us structure, which is necessary for our Faith and in our lives. Formal manners help make structure second nature. Structure and kindness — or charity — are necessary for a civil and Christian society.

Our goal?

Grab a beverage and settle in to learn more about the Top 25!

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