Have Colleen Speak at Your Event!

“I laughed. I cried. I learned a lot! THANK YOU, Colleen!”
Ronda S. from California

“For the first time in my life, I understand why to dress with dignity, and I WANT TO now. Thanks, Colleen!”
Angie M. (16 years old) from Washington

“Colleen’s presentation about communication skills saved our marriage, and improved my relationships at work.”
Denise S. from Illinois

“I learned more about my wife tonight than I’ve ever known, and we’ve been married for 53 years. I love her even more, now. Amazing presentation!”
Robert B. from New York

  • Learning to ‘Dress with Dignity’
  • Saving your marriage
  • Renewing your conviction to lead a better life…

Colleen Hammond has been crisscrossing the country, bringing her wit and wisdom to groups just like yours. She cuts straight to the heart and helps you renew your conviction to lead a life worth living. One filled with Faith, Hope, and Love.

Whether the topic is modesty, chastity, marriage, children, family, or values and virtues…

Colleen Hammond will be sure to teach and inspire your group!

From the most intimate of small groups to the largest conventions and gatherings, you can be sure that everyone will get what they need from one of her presentations.

Feel free to let Colleen know what topic you would like her to tackle for your group and she will put together a memorable presentation.

Here are some of her recent talks that have held audiences spellbound:

Dressing with Dignity: Also the title of Colleen’s much acclaimed book! In today’s society, modesty and purity are politically incorrect terms. Colleen will teach your daughters about femininity: how to walk, stand and sit like a model! Then, a fashion show featuring tasteful and fashionable clothing. A highlight for all mothers and daughters! (NOTE: May also be a High Tea Party).

The Making of a Beauty Queen: From cradle Catholic to college coed, model, actress, and national celebrity, Colleen’s story about lost priorities and empty secular promises takes you from a Beauty Queen to the Beauty of the Soul of living the True Faith. (Colleen’s re-version story).

Love, Honor… and Obey? Is there any one ‘head of the family’? Or is it mutual submission? In this talk, Colleen delves into what the Bible says, what the Church, Saints and Doctors of the Catholic Church say about wives being subject to their husbands. Hold on to your hats!

The Family: A Sacred Calling: Colleen shows how the family is not our idea, but God’s, and how the family is what will save our culture and society.

Teaching Values to Your Children: in this talk, Colleen offers ideas and suggestions on how parents can help children’s all-around development. She discusses which virtues to focus on at a particular age in a child’s development.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Does it seem that you child can never remember to say please or thank you? How about learning to greet guest politely, or answering the phone? Ask questions and get answers on raising children with manners.

With topics such as these, you can imagine that Colleen’s calendar books up fast!

Click here to find out how to bring Colleen to your town today!

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