How to Increase Your Energy Levels! (Part 1)

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How to Have More Energy Part 1

How to Increase Your Energy Levels!

Do you have energy in the morning? What’s your wake-up routine? How do you wake up? How do you increase your energy? Do you require food, a shower, an energy drink and/or coffee first?

What about when you were a child? Did you spring out of bed immediately, excited for the day? What morning routines, rituals, and habits do you have now?

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What is energy?

Dictionary: the capacity for vigorous activity; available power.
Science: capacity or power to do work. Moving mass using force.

Work = Force x Distance, which then breaks down to joules.

4.18 joules =1 calorie. Calories are the energy value of FOOD.

Body: calories are needed to make the body work. Too much “energy IN” and not enough energy OUT and you’ll gain weight.

We are talking about our zest—about our vitality. Zest. Joy of life!


How do you FEEL about your State in Life? Your job?

Gallup survey indicates that 70 percent of working Americans are either unengaged or actively disengaged with their jobs.

What can we learn from the 30 percent who really WANT to go to work in the mornings?


No matter what else you do, no matter your diet, your exercise, or your psychological framework, you cannot power through lack of sleep. Lack of sleep has a strong impact on your body and your mind, and it will catch up with you. Research shows that lack of sleep negatively affects the brain and leads to long-term neurological damage.


D-Ribose: I personally take 5g, 3-times a day. (NOT MEDICAL ADVICE! Consult your health professional)

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Book: “The Power of Slow


Start today!

Pick a “word of the day” for today!

Coming up in Part 2: SLEEP!

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