How to Dress Your Apple Body Type

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How to Dress Your Apple Body Type


Do you know The Top 10 Fashion & Style Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)?

Apple Week!

How to Dress the Apple Shape Body Type Colleen HammondBe sure to check out the pics on my Pinterest page for even more ideas.

NOTE: The pictures below are examples to copy by “shopping your closet”. If you do decide to purchase something, I recommend shopping at your local thrift store, Goodwill, or consignment shops for deals on high-quality items.

For the Apple Body Type, here are some general guidelines. (For specifics, please check out the Style Academy.)

  • wear soft fabrics
  • avoid bulk or fuss in the bust and waist area
  • keep clothing details above the bust line and below the hip line.

In the examples below, examples of  “pure” (or extreme) Clothing/Dressing Style Personalities are shown, but not explained. Read the Blog post about it here. 


Click here to watch a short video explaining those seven (7) personalities.

Also, the links to the Polyvore sets are below each picture. Links within the explanations go to ‘less expensive’ options. Full disclosure: most are affiliate links — which means I make a few pennies if  you click on them. So, thanks for clicking!!!




First, a Classic personality which prefers a smart, neat and tidy look. Classics like to play it safe. They don’t necessarily follow fashion. They like to keep things simple and structured. They enjoy, and invest in, high quality items. The Classic look will be symmetrical with even hems — nothing edged, fringed, or scalloped.

Classic Apple 2



Classic Apple



Classic Apple 3




A more relaxed or sporty style will opt for simple lines and low maintenance clothing. Personal comfort is of prime importance. Little, if any, makeup. Or very natural makeup. Very easy, relaxed dressing. Minimum fuss is their signature style.
Relaxed Apple
Relaxed Apple 2


Relaxed Apple 3


Intense, bold, and dynamic identify the Dramatic style. They love to make an entrance and wear clothes with a “wow” factor. They don’t mind suffering for fashion. They love bright colors. Bold patterns. They love leopard print!
Dramatic Apple 3
Dramatic Apple 2
Dramatic Apple


The creative, Avant-garde style is more about being one of a kind, unique, or quirky. Think artsy. Or Bohemian. A Lolita look, for example. They will look for interesting items in unusual shops or markets and pull together their own unique look.
Creative Apple
Creative Apple 2
Creative Apple 3

Edgy (Rebellious)

The edgy or rebellious style dresser doesn’t want to be boxed in, they don’t want to be like everyone else. They’re unconventional, left-of center, a rebellious Rocker chic. Anything with studs, or torn or has zippers, even the shock of wearing something with a stark personality contrast.


Rebellious Apple



Rebellious Apple 2



Rebellious Apple 3



Romantics love pretty, soft, feminine things. They adore luxurious fabrics. And although they may love the details like bows, ruffles, fringes, they’re more about the gentle, curved line. Things that exude a soft, warm, nurturing, and friendly feel.
Romantic Apple
Romantic Apple 2
Romantic Apple 3



Sophisticate Chic

Sophisticated Chic style is planned, organized, and very fashion forward. Like a Classic style, the Sophisticated is never fussy or frilly, but where the Classic style does NOT follow the fashions, Sophisticated Chic is all about fashion. They choose smooth, elegant, and sleek styles that aren’t afraid to be a woman. 

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