How to Dress the Pear Shaped Body Type!

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How to Dress the Pear Shaped Body Type by Colleen Hammond

How to Dress the Pear Shaped Body Type!

Do you know The Top 10 Fashion & Style Mistakes (and How to Fix Them!)?

How to Dress the Pear Shape

Pear week continues!

Each day this week, I’ll update this Blog post with new “inspiration” pictures: and each day will feature a different Style Personality. So check back every day this week!!!!

Also, be sure to check out the pics on my Pinterest page for even more ideas.

For the pear shaped body type, here are some general guidelines. (For specifics, please check out the Style Academy.)

  • Use all of your color, pattern, and eye-catching items “up top”
  • Use belts to gently draw in the waist area
  • Keep it simple on the bottom half.
  • Skirts fall straight from the hip and/or taper out (NOTE: It’s hard to find because the current ‘trend’ is to hug the knee, so in some pics the skirts shown taper to the knee. That’s a no-no for a pear, and pics are supplied to show Style Personality!) Caveat emptor.

In the examples below, the different Clothing/Dressing Style Personalities are shown, but not explained. Read the Blog post about it here.


Click here to watch a short video explaining those seven (7) personalities.

Also, the links to the Polyvore sets are below each picture. Links within the explanations go to ‘less expensive’ options. Full disclosure: most are affiliate links — which means I make a few pennies if  you click on them. So, thanks for clicking!!!

Sophisticated Pear, Set #1


Sophisticated Pear, Set 1



 Sophisticated Pear, Set #2


Sophisticated Pear 2


Sophisticated Pear, Set #3

Sophisticated Pear, Set 3


Romantic Pear, Set #1

Romantic Pear


 Romantic Pear, Set #2

Romantic Pear 2


Romantic Pear, Set #3

Romantic Pear 3

Creative Pear, Set #1


Creative Pear


Creative Pear, Set #2


Creative Pear 2


Creative Pear, Set #3


Creative Pear 3


Relaxed Pear, Set #1

A comfy option with simple lines. A double roll on the sleeves will add interest, too. The fluted hem felt wool skirt hangs straight from the hip, and the plaid scarf draws the eye up. You could wear either peds or crew socks with the shoes, or pull on a pair of riding boots for a completely different look.

Relaxed Pear 2


Relaxed Pear, Set #2

The horizontal pattern on this long sleeved hoodie is best for a smaller bust. A bright colored tank and beanie bring the focus up to your face. Again, notice the skirt falls straight from the hip.


Relaxed Pear 3


Relaxed Pear, Set #3

The subtle pattern in the crocheted cardigan plus its lighter color draw the eye, and the plaid weave blanket scarf works to not only bring attention to your face, but keep you warm! The slight diagonal in the suede skirt helps the eye flow down to the amazing loafers.

Relaxed Pear

Dramatic Pear, Set #1

The bright red of this ribbed sweater with button details definitely catches your eye! The pencil skirt with fringe detail should fall straight from the hip for the proper balance and symmetry. (The skirt in the pic tapers in toward the knee, which is a no-no, but is offered for Style Personality example.) Tassel earrings draw the eye, and by carrying the leopard print bag in the crook of your arm, you’ll keep the the attention up by your face. Except, of course, if someone wants to check out those amazing weave pumps!

Dramatic Pear

Dramatic Pear, Set #2

The leopard print tank with frayed green jacket/scarf is bright enough — and patterned enough! — to draw the eye UP. Make sure to carry the clutch at or above hip level for maximum effect, as those stunning green platform pumps have a character all their own!

Dramatic Pear 2

Dramatic Pear, Set #3

Burnt orange has the drama and impact of red, but with the friendliness of yellow. The geo-print top draws the eye, and the lines draw the eye to give the illusion of wider shoulders. Pencil skirts can be tricky — so make sure they fall straight from the hip and do not hug in toward the knees. Dramatic chunky jewelry adds more attention. And remember to keep the bag small so that it doesn’t draw the eye to the hip area!

Dramatic Pear 3


Classic Pear, Set #1

In this first look, a Classic Pear, notice how the lighter color is used in the blouse? That, as well as the ruffled front, draws the eye “up”. (Here are some similar ruffle front blouses.)

The waist is defined, but the waistband is wide and simple. No gathers, pleats, patterns, or fuss in your skirt– which all draw the eye and add volume. Avoid fussy details when you’re shopping for skirts.

Beige pumps add length to the leg, and the simple handbag and stud earrings pull this Classic look together.

Classic Pear

 Classic Pear, #2

This second Classic Pear look features a lightweight cable knit sweater with shoulder details, which draw the eye up and out to balance the hips. The slightly flared skirt is simple and no fuss (as above). This time, we’ve used dark pumps for a more classic look. Shoulder bag is kept small, as it rests near the hip area. This Classic look is finished off with pearl bow stud earrings and a pearl bead bracelet.

Classic Pear 2



Classic Pear #3

Our final classic look features a horizontal stripe top, which adds width to the shoulder area to balance the hips. The simple, no fuss skirt skims the hip area. The look is pulled together by topping it with a single button boyfriend blazer in camel. The lapels draw the eye up and out, and the soft shoulder pads add balance to the hip. A top handle handbag and the pointy-toe ballet flat in beige adds length to the leg.

Classic Pear 3

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