4 responses to “Twilight Eclipse: I was TOO KIND”

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    I think you should get decades off of purgatory for having watched this garbage in order to warn readers.

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    Didn’t know all this but the fact that a vampire is having a romance with a human turned me off. My teens are not allowed to read the books or watch the movies.

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    Reading this blog about the movie “Eclipse”(which I refuse to go see) has brought me to this conclusion; if a female was the one who would not have premarital sex, she’d be portrayed in a more positive light(even if some were foolish enough to treat her as a prude or old-fashioned), but because a MALE refuses to have premarital sex, he’s portayed as having an ulterial motive, or at least bad intentions. In fact, I’ve noticed we will abhor in males what we admire(or at least tolerate in females), which makes me wonder how much feminist jargon thi movie reeks of.

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