06 Dec 2010

Women with Higher Education Embrace Marriage, new study says

A new study shows that the more education a woman has, the more she’ll embrace marriage…and stay married! Plus, children who are “raised in a married home with their own mother and father…are much more likely to thrive”, the report says.

Imagine that.

Full story here, bits below.

The amount of education a person has plays a big role when it comes to deciding whether to make a long-term commitment to that special someone or to have a child outside of marriage, a new report says.

The 2010 edition of “The State of Our Unions” — a report on attitudes toward marriage — indicates highly educated Americans are “embracing a pro-marriage mindset” even as middle Americans lose faith in the institution. That shift resembles trends normally seen in the poor, where marriage is “fragile and weak,” according to the report, issued Monday

The findings show moderately educated women, or those with a high school diploma and some post-secondary education but no four-year degree, are choosing the single life more often these days, especially when it comes to becoming a mother.

Highly educated women also are getting married more and staying in those relationships longer, according to the report, which suggests this is a “striking reversal of historic trends”

The report cites an adherence to a “marriage mindset,” which means religious attendance and faith in marriage is now a way of life for the highly educated.

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2 responses to “Women with Higher Education Embrace Marriage, new study says”

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    They probably grew up seeing that a husband and wife bring out the best in each other.

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    This is excellent news. For a long time, it seemed like the rich divorced like it was going out of style(I have heard of couples saying they were happier with each other when they were POOR, or at least had less money), but apparently, the rich are starting to divorce less.

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