3 responses to “Will being a Plain Jane help you get on TV?”

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    Although I’m just now(as of seconds ago) hearing of the show “Plain Jane”, a horrific message is being sent; that a female has to look frumpy and/or butch to prove she does not look like, for lack of a better term, a bimbo. Let’s hope this show gets the boot real quick!

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    That anything such as a size “0″ exists is wrong. However, we too often try to fix one problem by creating others. For example, some get it in their heads that, in order to not pass for a size “0″, they have to be a size 40 or more, and NO, frumpy is no more inclusive with modest than fashionable is exclusive to it!

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    What Pope Pius XII said on dress hits the nail on the head. If things have fallen in recent decades, it has a lot to do with how fahions the morally loose would avoid like the plague “good” females wear like it’s no big deal.

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