22 May 2012

New Stage in my Life!

Very excited that I’ll be going back to school starting in June…WOW! That leaves little time for many of my volunteer efforts, but happy that my ‘main’ volunteer organization will be keeping me “on the payroll”. God has been very good to me.

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    Colleen, where will you go to school, and what will your major be?

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    Hi Colleen!

    Thanks for taking my call with Michael Coren last week, it was great to speak to you both.

    Yesterday, I heard the most amazing man speak, you know, the “other” Michael. He was at his most superb and it was a treat to speak to him directly. I introduced myself and told him I’m starting Truly Catholics Toronto and he was very pleased with that. He gave us a great introduction at the end of his seminar and many people came up to me to get more information. I hope to continue what Carol has spent so long building up and may this Chapter be one of many in Canada.

    I sent Carol a video which she posted on Truly Catholics Toronto Facebook page after she watched it. It impressed both of us greatly and I believe that this would be a great show topic for you as well.

    The Youtube video was with Sharon Lee Giganti (who’s also done several shows with Catholic Answers about Oprah, Deepak Chopra and the garbage they’re pushing right now with The Third Jesus, Course in Miracles and The Secret, not to mention Oprah’s great endorsement of Eckhart Tolle – YUCK!!)

    If you’re interested in seeing this really important talk by Sharon, you can see the link on either my facebook page or TCT’s and Catholic ipod has the interviews with Catholic Answers.

    Please, please watch and let me know what you think. What she has to teach is so important (about the dangers of New Age spirituality)


    Hope all is well with the move and painting!

    Judy Clemens

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      Judy, if it makes you feel any better, I loathe both Oprah Winfrey(I hear the feminists telling me to stifle) and Deepak Chopra. However, this is the first I’ve ever heard of Eckhart Tolle. Who is this guy?

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    Judy, since you live in Toronto, I will say some major prayers for your city. As you probably know, last year, a Toronto couple decided to raise their then-newborn(known publicly only as “Storm”) as neither male nor female, which is child abuse, pure and simple! Worse, unless I don’t know something I ought to, I got NO indication the Canadian bishops said a word about this!

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