09 Aug 2011

Marriage: Made for LIFE!

Fathers and mothers matter, and this video addresses the necessity of sexual differences in creating and fostering life. Made for Life explores the individual strengths a mother and father each bring to the life of a child and how those strengths complement one other to form the best environment in which to raise a child.

From the USCCB.

Made For Life V14 from Design4 Marketing Communications on Vimeo.

The series is directed to young adults in their twenties and explores the role of marriage as an elemental institution of life, the unique beauty of spousal love, the importance of sexual difference in marriage to both husband and wife and for their children and the foundational role of marriage in building community. Design4 initially conducted nationwide focus groups, then developed messaging, scripting, direction and full line production including post-production editing, music, motion graphics and sound engineering.

Made for Life was shot on location in St. Petersburg, Florida and Plant City, Florida.

The short film is available for purchase at www.marriageuniqueforareason.org and at www.usccbpublishing.org.

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14 responses to “Marriage: Made for LIFE!”

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    Another good reason why gays/lesbians shouldn’t be given adoption rights.

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      You said it, brother! Also, the superb prelate of Phoenix, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, whom I’d hoped would be named archbishop of Los Angeles, has a horrid distaste for divorce, as does the man who ended up in Los Angeles, Archbishop Jose Gomez. Both also speak out against homosexual acts(I, weeks after Archbishop Gomez was sent to Los Angeles, wrote to our late nuncio to recommend Bishops Olmsted and Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs as potential successors to the more heterodox George Neideraurer as archbishop of San Francisco).

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      In the December 2007 edition of the “New Oxford Review”, San Francisco Archbishop George Neideraurer was, for lack of a better term, “outed” for his willingness to allow same-sex couples to adopt. When the Pope finally accepts the 1936-born prelate’s resignation, he needs to choose a man who is everything Neideraurer is NOT!

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    As much as some(no pun intended) try to divorce the divorce rate and feminism, proof that they go hand in hand, at least to a point, is that the divorce rate was lower when females did not wear pants than when females started wearing pants. Needless to say, that I’ve seen an increase in distaste for pants on females and an increase in trying to avoid divorce is no coincidence.

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    I am so committed to treating marraige as “Till Death Do Us Part” that I will neither sign nor draw up a prenuptual agreement. A prenup is just a glossed over way of saying, “I want a divorce”.

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    What I read in today’s “Los Angeles Times” disturbed me. As thick-skinned as we’ve become to same-sex behavior, we have a problem with mixed-race marraige; I read a Kentucky church will not allow interracial married couples to become members(it is a Baptist church).

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    As eveyrone in the state(if not the country) knows, yesterday, a California Circuit Court judge ruled that our state’s Prop. 8, which bans same-sex marraige, was overturned. However, we who know same-sex marraige is immoral will not give up that easily!

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    I read in Friday’s “Los Angeles Times” an editorial comparing same-sex marraige to mixed-race marraige. I found it nonsense! It is NOT immoral for people of different races; a female does not have to, ethnically speaking, be what I am. However, it IS immoral for two people of the same sex to be with each other, and the pro-same-sex marraige article I read ticks me off!

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    Recently, I have seen billboards for an as-yet-to-be released movie, “Think Like A Man”. I already have a problem with it, and the book it’s based on(“Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”). First off, the book’s author, actor-comic Steve Harvey has been divorced TWICE! Second, the title implies males are naturally-born jerks. Third, it reduces relationships to one-upmanship.

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    As much as people who are okay with divorce try to make it seem like laws allowing divorce are better for society than laws that all but disallow divorce, I’ll say this; at least when divorce is illegal, one is likelier to work on his/her marraige and do right by hsi/her spouse(though most people who take their marraige vows seriously don’t need an “incentive” to work on their marraiges) while laws that make divorce easy all but incite less than model spouses to get divorced, and we need laws to make divorce as impossible to get as possible!

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    Yesterday, I was reading the current edition of our archdiocesan paper, “The Tidings”, and Archbishop Gomez made it clear that divorce and abortion are wrongs that need to be dealt with(this is proof that our more recent prelates are dealing with these issues courageously in the face of potential backlash, something that can seldom be said of their older, and increasingly leaving the scene, counterparts).

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    Today, I read a letter in yesterday’s “Los Angeles Times” that, if I was the editor, would NOT have printed. Its author said that “there is no empirical evidence that shows that same-sex marraige is harmful, a fact that is being confirmed as this issue works its way through our courts”(his words, not mine). Paul Yeuell, who wrote the letter, has to be full of hot air(he preceeds with saying “The religious right relies on doctrine to guide its morality, never mind that its doctrine has not kept pace with modernity). I’m sick and tired of right and wrong being reduced to “keeping with the times”(this is the same mindset a bunch of the “Spirit of Vatican II” types have). Last I checked, right and wrong are NOT a matter of the times! What’s morally right will remain right and what’s morally wrong will remain wrong, NO MATTER WHAT!

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    We’ve become so thick-skinned to divorce we will make up any excuse possible to see it as, at worst, an option and, at best, a MUST. Worse(or at least as bad), we treat prenuptiual agreements like they’re okay at worst(I feel a prenup is just a, for lack of a better term, a preemptive way of saying, “I want a divorce”). What happened to “Till death do us part”?!

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    In today’s “Los Angeles Times”, I read the obituary of Judith Wallerstein, a psychologist who spoke out against divorce(she passed away the day after Father’s Day, but news of her passing just made the local press today). She “practiced what she preached”(her husband, whom she married in 1947, is among her survivors). It’s too bad I never heard of Dr. Wallerstein while she was alive, but she left a legacy that can’t be overstated(I wonder how many marraiges have been saved thanks to her research, and how many more might be saved in the future; I also wonder how many marraiges could have been saved has either party read her findings). I also read read that, although her father was married to her mother when he passed away, Dr. Wallerstein lost her father, who had cancer, when she was 8(she didn’t know how grave her father’s illness was and even denied he was dead for many years; her widowed mother handled the situation, from what I read, badly, even if Dr. Wallerstein, to a point, gave her the benefit of doubt).

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