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    Colleen, Wow, what a great post! It must have taken you forever to cut and past all those pix and links to Amazon. Thanks for doing this. My little guys are just 4 months and almost 4 years old, but I’ll pull this out when they are ready for it. In the meantime, I think I’ll start reading a couple of these to them at bedtime. My personal favorite growing up was “Where The Red Fern Grows”. It made my cry everytime I read it. I think I’ll start with that one. Thanks again!

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    Rifles for Watie
    The Buffalo Knife
    Adam of the Road
    The Door in the Wall

    All great books of adventure and manliness with brave protagonists who learn life’s great lessons. Great list, thanks!

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    Great books on that list! I would just add one caution though- never buy Neil Gaiman books. His graphic novels are the most obscene, disgusting and occultish books I have ever seen. Even if his “normal” novels are not that bad, it could get kids into reading his other stuff.

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    [...] Go here to see the original: 50 of the BEST BOOKS for Young Men–please share yours! [...]

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