19 Oct 2010

Wool Tights for a Warm Winter Wardrobe!

It’s getting chilly here in Texas, which means it’s downright COLD in other parts of the country. Time to haul out the winter wear…which means warm tights under skirts. Here’s a great place to buy wool tights for cuddly, snugly warmth. (It also allows you to keep the house a few degrees cooler in the winter which saves even MORE money!) Normally $30 each, this site has them for under $20.

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7 responses to “Wool Tights for a Warm Winter Wardrobe!”

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    I live in Los Angeles, and while Fall and Winter temps are nowhere near cold enough to rival Minneapolis or Seattle(two cities I once wanted to live in until a very bad Los Angeles rainstorm sucked all the “leave L.A.” out of me), nights are very cold at times; so cold that females ought to take Colleen’s advice and get out the warm hosiery; they wax the floor with leggings(which are not only worn as pants by many gals, but are pants).

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    Colleen, this may be one of many articles that can kill any excuse some females have for wearing pants! This is one of your best, though you write so many good articles it may not be possible to have a favorite.

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    Colleen, you hit another one out of the park! Good job!

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    I’m not trying to encourage gals to burn up in the summer, but hosiery can still be worn when the mercury goes up. Some females don’t let a rise in temps keep them out of hosiery, though they may wear thicker hosiery when it’s cold.

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    It’s safe to say I’ve never, or at least seldom, come across the topic of shoes on any of the posts. I’ve seldom brought the topic up myself. However, I must say the shoes the woman in the picture on this post is wearing are shoes I would happily buy for the females in my life.

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    This post is so good the more I read it, the more surprised I am it took over a year for anyone to respond, and that every response has come from …..ME! Come on folks! If you read this post, you’ll be glad you did.

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    This article can get females who are sensible enough to wear skirts and dresses in hot weather to stay away from pants when it’s cold. I’m tired of gals using cold weather as a license to don pants.

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