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    Oh, my. Based solely on what I read in this post: I have no opinion at all on who, if anyone, is guilty of what.

    I’m a man, pushing 60, and have been in offices where at least one woman seemed to be dressing for distraction – and where men were shallow jerks. In that sort of situation you can have one, or the other, or both.

    Here? I’d have to do a whole lot of very serious research before I thought Lorenzana is a victim – an instigator – or something else.

    Thanks for an – intriguing? – post.

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    There probably are a lot of men who would be distracted by her, even if she were wearing a burka. She probably wasn’t wearing a burka though :-P There aren’t too many people blessed (or cursed?) with looks like that. Guys probably would be going after her, and if she complained, and made the wrong person mad, well…the situation could certainly exist through no fault of her own, sadly.

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    What do you think Colleen? Setting aside from her rather inflammatory comments, could somebody who has her looks avoid being distracting to men? I have a couple of sisters, who no matter how they dress, are always getting looks.

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    [...] Woman Fired for Dressing “Too Sexy”: Distracting Men [...]

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    You have a fantastic point about how she carries herself. Intentional or not she is deffinately posing for the camera and carrying herself is such as way as to grab attention. If you dressed in a burka and moved about in that manner you’d still distract male co-workers. Even a fat woman (so despised by society) can gather sexual attention if she moved about and posed like that. “Come hither…”

    Notice how they had to make sure we know she’s a “divorced single mom”? Single moms are the Feminists’ highly lauded heroes! They just had to get that in there.

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    legally she didnt’ do anything wrong by wearing the clothes she was wearing , but she does know that the clothes she was wearing were flattering all the right curves and she knows she was getting attention, just like she is getting it now, she wants that and now she wants money too, the bank also knows how to cover their tracks, she might as well give up now

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    Puh-leese! “I can’t help it cuz I’m SO beautiful!” That is absolutely absurd! All women on some level, regardless of their personal attractiveness, know what they can do to play up or play down their looks. It includes clothing and also ‘attitude’ as some have mentioned here. Sometimes a girl/woman can be dressed plainly or in an otherwise modest fashion, and yet with a hand on the hip, jutted out to the side and a “come-hither” stare invite approach. That’s one of the things that annoys me about some “modest clothing” sites on the web. Sure, the dresses cover from point A to point B … but the models have only seen “sexy poses” and have that sulky “cat on the prowl” look about them. Not modest at all! And this woman, with her lawsuit is not being honest. She says she can get bothered at the store wearing sweatpants. And I’ll bet they’re not baggy, shapeless sweatpants but probably tight, thin and low waisted, with a tight low cut tee shirt … Gimme a break! And one more thing: that little barb she threw out there at her fellow female co-workers, about having to gain ” 50 to 100 pounds” to “look like everyone else” !!!!! What a witch! I am not a bad looking woman for my age (43) …. and I know for a fact that I can choose certain clothes and strut around and get attention .. it’s no great talent. Yes, this woman is pretty and has a great figure … she’s not modest and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Okay. I’m done :)

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    No one’s saying this gal has to gain any weight, and only a pharisee would say she has to “frump it up”, but she needs to cover up. While she doesn’t have to suffocate herself, she does need to cover up.

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      If I ran up to a … If I ran up to a vlecihe that had a candidate in it, breaking thru a line, I would expect secret service or security to beat my ass. freedom of speech or press does not give you the right to run at someone that way. there is no need to spin this situation state that your policy is that anyone that charges a vlecihe or candidate will be subdued quickly and no apologies will be given, the lady was not repeatedly beaten, but you have to expect some level of physical restraint to be used.

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