3 responses to “Young Lady Writes of her “Journey of the Heart” Toward Modesty”

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    I liked reading about the opposite extremes of the modesty spectrum, “Hilary Hotstuff” and “Franny McFrump”. I, however, have a third to add. Her name is “Terry Tomboy”. She dresses in masculine garb to prove she’s not trying to look like she’s trying to expose too much skin or form.

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    Jennifer, you should be proud of yourself for waking up to the fact that pants have no place on females; it’s the same as males wearing feminie garb. I’m proud of you.

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    Jennifer, I know this may be like telling people to remember their names, but when females decide to wake up to the fact that pants are to be worn by males, they(if they are former jeans wearers) can wear jean skirts and jean dresses instead,

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