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    I remember seeing an old Katherine Hepburn movie in which she wore pants, and being utterly repulsed by it. It was so out of place, so unfeminine, so WRONG! Before I even knew what ideologies she stood for, the impression I received from that moment made me dislike her intensely – it was something innate, and it came from the simple fact that she was wearing PANTS during the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, when actresses in Hollywood were supposed to be “glamorous” and ladylike. What is it about our society, that is DESPERATELY trying to take things that are utterly unnatural and force people to think they are “normal”?

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      Carrie, I agree with your distaste for pants on females. However, I wonder how many of the same females who wear pants, even to the point of owning NO skirts and dresses, would be upset if a male wore what is seen as feminine? Some of these feminists have a two-faces set of rules for male and female.

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      Carrie, what you have said is music to my ears!!!! If I ever meet you, I will be so happy I’ll greet you with a hug hello(your letter is so right on you are too good a person to shake hands with).

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    And now the rebel wears skirts amongst a sea of jeans and shorts … You really have to be strong to go against the tide … and yet the strength of someone like Katherine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich, is not the same type of strength that someone has to have to dress femininely in a culture that hates real womanhood.

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      Lisa, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Keep doing what you’re doing! As some put it, you’re alright with me!

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    There is something to be said for contrast. If you wear black and white the white looks brighter. Well, when a woman who is very feminine throws in a masculine cut garment it highlights the femininity of everything else.

    Hepburn wore her hair down in big flattering waves that framed her face. She was also very smart with the make-up. When you looked at her you never doubted for a moment that she was female regardless of if she was wearing pants or a suit jacket.

    I think there is a big difference between completely rejecting ones femininity and throwing in bits and pieces of the masculine for the sake of contrast and visual appeal.

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    As a male born in1975, I, for lack of a better term, “think old” when it comes to pants on women. I even find leggings, which are pants passing(at least in some people’s minds) as not(and often not even then). Oddly, some of the very females who like wearing pants, even to the point of owning ZERO skirts and dresses are quick to have a problem with males so much as dressing up for Halloween in drag. I live in California, where, in 1994, our governor at the time, Pete Wilson, passed a bill REQUIRING employers to allow female to wear pants to work. I hope nowhere else is this the case; if, however, other states are like that, I want to know, and let’s work at reversing this nonsense.

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    It may be rebellious, in the eyes of people who like to do what’s immoral, to do the right thing, but I find it refeshing to know a woman has the good sense to wear a skirt or dress every day. In fact, she who ends up Mrs. Dwayne has to wear skirts and dresses every day(no pants, shorts, “skorts”, leggings, “split skirts”, or cullotes). No butch or frumpy women for me.

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    Despite all the sand some females raise when confronted with proof that females have no business wearing pants and shorts, I have good news; I’ve met an increased number of gals who ONLY, or at least mostly, wear skirts and dresses. Even better, they hate it when other females wear pants and shorts.

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    Lizzie, you wrote such a great article that, if I ever get to meet you in person, I have to give you a hug(you are too good a person to shake hands with). However, even when being called a tomboy was less than flattering, some gals were NOT offended when called that. It’s nice to see an increased number of females only, or at least mostly, wear skirts and dresses. Needless to say, however, we still have a long way to go.

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    It’s disgusting that we’re at a point where we confuse femininity and feminism, especially since, as G.K. Chesterton put it, there is nothing as unfeminine as feminism.

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    What I read about Marlene Dietrich brought to mind what the late Gloria Swanson said; she said “Marlene Dietrich’s legs may be longer, but I have seven grandchildren”, which means Gloria Swanson didn’t spend her time during Hollywood’s Golden Age doing drag, while Hepburn and Dietrich did.

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    If Marlene Dietrich was John Wayne’s idea of intriguing, I would hate to think about his idea of repulsive! Not only that, as much as John Wayne is treated like a poster boy for much of what is, or at least can be, decent and proper, he was divorced at least twice/thrice, back when divorce had the social stigma it has lacked since the 1970′s.

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    Someone needs to remind Lesley M.M. Blume that her wearing tuxedos is the same as a man wearing a skirt or dress. If she’s so glamorous in a tuxedo, I’d hate to see the flipside. Also, how would she feel if a male wore feminine garb?! It is the same for females to wear masculine attire as vice versa(both of which are morally wrong). However, it seems to be socially wrong only when MALES are the ones doing drag! We need to re-stigmatize masculine dress on females.

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    Yesterday, I read the review of a movie titled “Tomboy”, and while the people behind it may say otherwise, this movie, about a boyish-looking girl, all but glorifies this nonsense. Needless to say, I will not be seeing it!

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    If what I read in “Dressing with Dignity” means anything, Katharine was not the only Hepburn whose wardrobe was wanting, to say the least. I read Coco Chanel’s poor excuse for attire was a big hit with Audrey. What I read about Chanel’s designs ought to motivate females to not wear them.

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    One recent “icon” of tomboyishness is actress/comic Jeneane Garafalo. She takes her distaste for high fashion to the extreme! She is also a hardcore lefty(so much so that I’m surprised people don’t lean to the right because of her). She’s also a bit on the anti-male side at times, and it’s highly ironic how many gals who try to dress like guys the most also hate us the most.

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    About 9 years ago, not too long before she expired, I read that, back in 1933, Katharine Hepburn starred in a movie where her character wore pants(its name alludes me, though I do recall “Strong” being in the title). A few years earlier, I heard on TV she, at one point in the earlier part of her career was seen as “box office poison”; why people later embraced this, for lack of a better term, icon of crass is beyond me.

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    I recently found out Marlene Dietrich, decades ago, got kicked out of either the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Beverly Hilton for wearing pants. This is going to get me in a lot of trouble with a lot of females(or should I say “womyn”), but I have no sympathy for those who do wrong, and have to face up to their actions, especially since we have a different(if unwritten) set of rules for the sexes; while it is morally wrong for either sex to do drag, we only have a problem with MALES stepping out of line. Females, however, can do as they please, and anyone who tries to do the right thing when a gal does wrong is labeled a sexist(if male) or, in the eyes of feminists, “setting progress for women back decades”.

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    Many television shows and movies portray tomboys as heroes and/or victims, and anyone who has a problem with these gals’ mannishness as villains. They also portray more feminine gals in a negative light. I’ve mentioned this before, but it can’t be emphasized enough, the irony is many of the tomboyish gals see males as inferior to females(needless to say, many who say they want to be treated as equal to males are not only lying, but proof they are lying is their utter, and obvious, contempt for males, while females lacking in so much as pretense of contempt for males avoid masculine dress like the plague).

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    A lot of the mannish man-haters’ calling card is, “Take me as I am”; the thing is, they have a different set of rules for others(they chew anybody who thinks to try to get them to nix “getting in touch with their masculine sides”, if how they dress means anything, out, but are firmly in the makeover business themselves). Their motto might as well be, “I’m okay, you’re not okay”!

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    To tomboys, it’s not about being different so much as “my way or the highway”, and a distaste for NOT seeing things their way.

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    “Boyfriend cut” clothes I will never get. What’s next, “girlfriend cut” clothes for males?! Oh, that’s right! The same females that lack qualms donning OUR clothes have a different set of rules for males. It’s as if Dt. 22:5 applies only to males dressing female. Equally bad, we see females dressing male as either not dressing male, or we do, but don’t have a problem with it.

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    Although I could be more familiar with her acting work, one actress who carried herself in a way Katharine Hepburn did not was Loretta Young. She “dressed with dignity”. In fact, I’m more drawn to females like her and Grace Kelly, not mannish gals or scantily clad ones. In fact, females are easy to find, while ladies are a too-rare breed. As much as I try to be a gentleman, I like LADIES!

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    Are promoters of gals being tomboys trying to say feminine gals lack confidence, are wimps, or other things negative? It sure seems that way, and I’m tired of people acting like manly women are, or should be, the norm!

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    What I find most interesting about Katherine Hepburn is that when she lived with Spencer Tracy (whose Catholic wife refused to give him a divorce), she acted the “perfect wife.” Submissive, cooking for him, etc… Her mother was a good friend of Margaret Sanger and helped promote birth control.

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    Tesa, I didn’t know Katharine Hepburn had connections with Margaret Sanger. As much as the left likes to claim to champion “minority”(read; nonwhite) rights, they embrace a true-blue enemy of the ENTIRE human race. Also, I find it strange that Katharine Hepburn made it back when low morals could derail an entertainer’s career.

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    Last night, I went to an open-mic, and among the performers was a gal who could easily pass for a guy(how I was able to tell she was female I don’t know). She looked and dressed like a man, and her singing voice was so low, it would have to be higher to convince me it was an alto(it was an alto, but she could’ve passed for a tenor). I, who have been far from stingy with my distaste for pants on females, am using that moment to step up my attempts to get females to wake up to the fact that pants are for MALES!

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    We buy into the notion that tomboys are more morally upright than their less butch counterparts the “manly women” are portrayed as nice, while more feminine gals are portrayed as stuck-up and mean(if a butch female is less than nice, she is likely portrayed as “no-nonsense” and the feminine gals as “flaky” and dumb). Proof that butch females are NOT less mean(and, in fact, can be more so) than their more ladylike counterparts stares me in the face every day! I have a co-worker who has NEVER worn a skirt/dress since she’s been at my place of employment, and she is one of the surliest gals I know; in fact, she’s been nasty at various times to many, if not most, people at work!

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    If what Katharine Hepburn said about living her life how she did means anything, I have this to say; while it’s clear we who are fighting for gals to be feminine and proud are, despite a ton of moral support for what we’re doing, not trying to win a popularity contest(proof of that is the fact that promoters of tomboys are just as vocal and numerous), there’s a big difference between doing something even if it means social scorn and doing it, provided it means social scorn. Katharine Hepburn lived like she was trying to make enemies.

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    Nine years ago, I read that Saint Vincent Ferrer prophisied that in the end days, women would dress as men. He must be looking down from Heaven in tears of misery that he was proven right. That being said, this is the time for gals to give up the pants, shorts, combat boots, and short hair!

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    Proof that females who only, or at least mostly, wear pants/shorts will stop at nothing to abstain from skirts and dresses is the notion that wearing pants and shorts as much as possible, they’re being different. Guess what?! Females have been wearing pants for so long that only recently are gals ABSTAING from pants/shorts, so these butch tomboys are not trying to different so much as thay are trying to be REBELIOUS!

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