10 Sep 2010

Skirts VS Pants: A Young Lady Shares HER Story

I’m interested in hearing more!

Found here, a snip below.

I have grown up wearing skirts and dresses all my life. However, I also argued and fought with my parents about it every step of the way. Because my parents standard wasn’t MY standard, I felt that it was being forced on me. Which, I suppose, in a way it was. But it was their house, their rules – my job was to simply obey.

Eventually I became gutsy enough to hide pants in my parent’s house and wear them whenever I hung out with my “group of friends.” I’d change into pants in my car on the way to wherever I was going, and then I would change back into my skirt on the way home. After pants became a norm for me, I started progressing into other areas of dress. Skimpy shirts, mini skirts, shorts, dresses missing half the material on the top, and bikinis. I wore it all; I had no boundaries – well, very few.

After I was back in right relationship with the Lord, He began dealing with me about several issues. My modesty (i.e. clothing) being one of them. About a week and a half ago I bagged up 75% of the pants I owned and dropped them off at the Salvation Army. I was holding back about 3 or 4 pairs… “just in case.” The Tuesday following my Salvation Army drop-off run, I went to my church to practice with the trio I play the piano for. When I walked into the auditorium they were having a discussion about clothing… mainly the “pants vs. skirts” issue. Ironic, is it not? God was dealing with all three of those girls with the same exact issue (at the same exact time) that He was dealing with me about!

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    No one’s saying that everything(or even most things)every parent stands for will be right(otherwise I’d be, like my mother, okay with pants on the female sex, left-leaning in politics, et al). However, the young lady who wrote this superb article came to realize how right her parents are when it comes to females in anything other than skirts and dresses. Anyone who thinks a gal can wear pants and NOT violate God’s law needs to read Dt. 22:5.

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    Anyone who thinks a gal can wear pants and NOT violate God’s law needs to read Dt. 22:5.

    I’ll quote the scripture you cite:

    No garb of an able-bodied man should be put upon a woman, neither should an able-bodied man wear the mantle of a woman; for anybody doing these things is something detestable to Jehovah your God.

    Deuteronomy 22:5 doesn’t say anything about pants vs. skirts; when it was written, both men and women wore dresses. It only says men’s and women’s clothing should be distinct. See what Deuteronomy 22:5 really teaches. And how much of what you wear conforms to Deuteronomy 22:11-12?

    You must not wear mixed stuff of wool and linen together. You should make tassels for yourself on the four extremities of your clothing with which you cover yourself.

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      If Pino’s response to what I said means anything, he’s trying to be condesending(I have read what Dt. 22:5 teaches, and for him to imply otherwise is insulting; he also seems to accuse me of trying to act like I’m God, which I don’t, and his comment makes it seem he thinks he’s right, and anyone he THINKS may not be on his side is wrong). I know it says men’s and women’s clothes must be distinct, so where he thinks I don’t see that, I don’t know; I do know his comments are wrong and insulting!

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    Yesterday, I got the nerve to tell a female friend of mine that shorts belong on NEITHER males nor females, and pants belong on males, while skirts and dresses belong on females. She said all the above garments can be worn by EVERYBODY(needless to say, she feels both sexes can wear each other’s clothes). Today, another female friend of mine mused that her FACE looked like a boy’s(it didn’t). However, I did tell her that she needed to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants(she and another mutual friend said that I, a MALE, ought to wear a skirt or dress! I said that, since I am a guy, it is wrong for my sex to wear skirts and dresses, just as it is wrong for females to wear pants and shorts). They then tried to pull that “men in Scotland wear kilts” nonsense, as if if Scottish men avoid pants like the plague. I will write to various prelates across the country to suggest dress codes that mandate males to wear long pants and females to wear below the knee skirts and dresses in our churches(I will also suggest they make sure female heads are covered in churches).

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    While I’m glad she got rid of most of her pants, she should’ve, instead of sending them to where another gal could get her hands on them, either thrown them away(in “Dressing with Dignity”, Saint Pio told a Vancouver dress shop owner he would NOT hear her confession because she sold women’s pants and pantsuits, and he demanded she dispose of the offeding garments if she wanted him to hear her confession; he told her she could not give them to anyone who might wear the garments) or made skirts out of the pants(not only do some females turn certain pairs of long pants into skirts, many even have hemlines that are within Vatican guidelines). Let’s also hope she has rid herself of the other 25% of her pants.

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