22 Nov 2010

Protect your modesty from the TSA!

Men's Briefs

Let’s see how long it takes the TSA to ban these from Rocky Flats Gear!

From their website:


Rocky Flats Gear ™ is the US manufacture of a revolutionary flexible, attractive, lightweight, Lead (Pb) free, radiation shielding garments for individuals. Our emphasis is on protecting the traveling public, airline, medical, and security professionals from radiation generated by security and medical imaging equipment. Our novel products can protect tissues from a broadband of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation generated by imaging equipment and natural sources. For the first time, radiological shields are attractive, durable, affordable, fun, and comfortable to wear.

Bra Insert

Background radiation has increased over the decades from atomic weapons testing, coal power plants (thorium-40 emissions), industrial accidents, medical/security imaging, and use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions putting us all at greater cancer risk and generational DNA damage. We are bathed in radiation from a variety of sources both natural and man-made, we are trying to do our small part to improve general health and enhance dignity. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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3 responses to “Protect your modesty from the TSA!”

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    Hello, Colleen! I’m visiting from the white lily blog, just checking in to say hello and happy new year! Today I had the pleasure of dressing for this feast day, The Holy Name of Jesus, in modest and fabulously fun fashion I had made myself, including the pattern (using Dress Shop software)! My stretch brocade-knit drape-y black dress with princess seaming, the copper-colored, kimono-sleeved fluttery jersey knit asymetrical over-jacket, the fortune-cookie felted purse, everything made from scratch for a pittance and designed for modesty and grace, gave glory to God and celebrated being a woman and His daughter.

    I am presently crocheting a hat from merino wool and silk that will be completed with a fanciful little veil that extends over the eyes. Very mixed metaphors. Could be from five hundred years ago, or five hundred years in the future. Don’t want to overdo the mantilla–hats! We can wear hats!

    It is FUN to be traditional Catholic.

    Please be well.

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    Colleen, you said it best in”Dressing with Dignity” when you said where male eyes go when females wear pants, and if where they go up front means anything, sales for skirts and dresses will mushroom if females bother to read your book and the study done back in the 1970′s, while sales for feamles’ pants and shorts may plummet!

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