28 Jul 2011

One Mom’s Modesty Manifesto

This mother of 12 has raised daughters in two different generations–her oldest daughter is 42 and her youngest is 18.

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In the past 25 years, along with the coarsening of our culture, there’s been a complete breakdown in natural feminine modesty. Yes, I said natural because, like Wendy Shalit, a young Jewish college student and author of the bestseller A Return to Modesty, I believe it is part of woman’s nature to be modest.

But today we live with the fallout from the Sexual Revolution, which preached through the media, movies and music that sexuality is one thing, morality another. And girls should be as aggressive and uninhibited as guys.

What a radical departure from how God designed us. I remember when Samantha was a teenager. She and her friends would wear their dads’ T-shirts over their relatively modest bathing suits. They were uncomfortable exposing so much flesh.

Unless they’ve been taught to seriously consider the message their clothing may be sending, they may be clueless about their own complicity in the sexualization of today’s teen culture.

Parents have a responsibility too. Scripture tells us we are to be in the world, not of it. While it’s not pleasant to go through the fuss of making a daughter change clothes before school or church, it actually sends a message that you care.

What do you think when you see a man in a police uniform? A woman in scrubs? A man in a business suit? It should be no surprise that the way a girl dresses sends a message that she may not have intended at all.

Keep your girls safe and accountable. This isn’t just about saying no. It’s about saying yes to attracting only the best in terms of male attention.

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2 responses to “One Mom’s Modesty Manifesto”

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    The article says it all. Also, if she has any sons, let’s hope the females they choose as mates are LADIES, not bimbos or masculine in dress.

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    I first heard of Wendy Shalit in 1999, and every picture I’ve seen of her she is dressed ladylike. She is always in an appropriate length skirt/dress(no drag or “floozywear”), and does NOT flash above-the-waist body parts either! I, however, forgot the name of the book she wrote around that time.

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