27 Jul 2011

Modesty Upgrade Coming To Some Airport Scanners

“Improving the passenger experience…” TSA alters scanners.

Over the next few months TSA says it will retrofit 241 of its 488 airport scanners with software that’s so unrevealing anybody, including passengers, can look at the pictures.

So it won’t be necessary for a TSA agent in a mysterious “remote room” to look at the images and relay instructions to the earbuds of security-line personnel. That should speed up the line, TSA says.

In creating an image from the bounce-back of millimeter waves, the new software blanks out any personal characteristics of each passenger, replacing it with a generic gray humanoid cartoon.

If a passenger is hiding a weapon or a packet of plastic explosives (or in fact, anything) under his or her clothes, the new software denotes it as a small red box indicating where the friskers should concentrate their search.

If nothing is concealed, the laptop-type screen flashes a green OK, and the passenger can proceed to put himself and his possessions back together and proceed to the boarding gate.

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    This proves than anyone with a problem with security measures ar our airports may have a point.

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