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    When we address modesty at the high school theology of the body retreat that I volunteer for, we focus mainly on dress for girls but for guys it’s modesty of speech. Sexual jokes and innuendos are rampant among male speech, probably more so than girls.

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    Though women are generally not as tempted by immodesty in men the same way men are tempted by immodest women, I think the playing field is leveling. I hear more and more women talking about men in the same way only men used to speak of the other sex. I think immodest males, and the wholesale over-sexualization in our culture, has changed the way women speak and even think about men.

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      Proof that females are just as likely to be tempted as men is often, a female will not hesitate to tell her friends if a male has, in her eyes, a “nice butt”(her words, not mine). Also, a lot of females like to go batty over a guy’s muscles; that’s the tip of the iceberg.

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    My husband defines modest dress basically as appropriate attire while my idea of modesty was exactly the idea portrayed in the article. I have converted to my husband’s thinking on this issue because it makes more sense to me. It is a more universal concept (applies to everyone [man or woman] regardless of religious belief). In his manner of thinking, jeans would be immodest to wear to Mass for either sex. Visible underwear is always immodest. An evening gown would be immodest for an outing to the zoo. Etc. This idea of modesty includes my former ideas which were restricted to purity in dress for women…but expands it in a way that is much needed in our culture.

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    This is an excelleent article. It also proves that my sex can just as easily tempt(if unknowingly) as be tempted. In fact, a few years ago at LOs Angeles’s Grove shopping center, the Abercrombie & Fitch store had shirtless males out in front. I, a male who does not so much as tolerate homosexual acts, loathed it. I also loathe when my sex wears baggy pants.

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    A male may not INTEND to show body parts he shows(he may even work hard to cover up), but if a female lusts in her heart, he may have to work that much harder to do right. Also, there are those males who dress like “sex puppies”(a term I coined; “sex puppies” are the male equivelant of “sex kittens”, and everybody has heard that term) trying their best to tempt their “sisters”. I have gotten to the point of saying, “There are men and children around”, since the pediatric set does NOT need to be robbed of innocence, and males do not want want to see another male expose his “assetts”!

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