13 Oct 2010

Do you Have a Modest Heart? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself


From Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

A Modest Heart

“I really do want to try to be modest. Where should I start?”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Let me say first that modesty doesn’t begin with our clothing. It starts in the heart. When we’re right with God—walking in purity and humility before Him—it will be reflected in a modest appearance.

Do you have a modest heart? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a humble view of myself and a high view of God?
  • Do I avoid promoting myself?
  • Am I grieved at the thought of causing someone else to sin?
  • Am I reserved in my speech?
  • Do I always have to be the center of attention?
  • Am I appropriate in my behavior?
  • Am I appropriately reserved in my dress?

Would you ask God to give you a humble, modest heart? When you’re right with Him, your clothing decisions will be a whole lot easier.

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One response to “Do you Have a Modest Heart? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself”

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    The spirit of rejection enter in at a young age. Therefore, I find myself needing recognition from others. I ask God to purify my heart, but all these ugly dark issue arises. I’m a minister of the Jesus Christ and I love serving His people. I can’t be an example to others if I have profanity, and bitterneess in my heart. I pray that I can be delivered, but yet these things seems to come up when the time permits.

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