17 Aug 2010

Camisole Option: “Cami Secret” (as seen on TV)

I ran across Cami Secret on late-night-television. Looks like a cool and comfy option for Summer.

This is not an endorsement, and I’ve never tried the product. I’m just offering it here as an option.

It looks like it’s $24 for 6 of them…I’ve heard there’s an “upgrade to cotton lining” option as well.

Has anyone tried this? PLEASE SHARE!!!

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18 responses to “Camisole Option: “Cami Secret” (as seen on TV)”

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    I just ordered these last week. We haven’t got them in yet, but I am looking forward to receiving them. You have to be careful because they try and trick you into buying more.

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    It’s hard to find modest shirts, other than turtlenecks or plain looking tops (I follow the 2 fingers rule), so I bought these about 4 months ago. They are great! You can adjust placement and put them however high (or low) you want.

    The only thing I would change is, that they attach to each of your bra straps – so thicker straps are a challenge. But for regular ones, these work perfect :)

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    Customer service is atrocious. I ordered some in June and still haven’t gotten them as my order was cancelled because my credit care (a gift card) was declined and they were out of stock. Even after taking my phone number, they didn’t put it with the order and didn’t bother to call me to tell me there was a problem.

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    Like the dickies we used to wear back in the day! My children are in a homeschool tutorial with a very strict dress code. My girls, in an attempt to be modest, layer shirts not only to fix low cuts but to keep midriffs covered. The problem is that the tutorial won’t let them layered shirts, saying it looks like your underwear is showing. (In our case, the girls’ layered shirts did not even have lace.) Sigh. It’s already so hard finding modest clothes for teens. And, I really, really do not want to resort to gunny sacks or looking like Amish Catholics.

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    I have to share a funny story…a few years ago I was shopping and saw something very similar looking hanging on the end of a rack of clothing in a high end department store. I thought it was the perfect cooler remedy for the low-cut fashions that seem to be the only choices these days. Lo and behold, I discovered (fortunately before I took it to the dressing room to try it on or inquired about it) that it was a coordinating DOG outfit!!!! Haven’t been back to the store, but I have thought many times since that I should create such an item. Finally someone did!

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    Just found your blog, Colleen. I love the idea of these cami things (the commercial is so 70′s!) How did they work for you?

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    Thanks. I’ll be ordering…

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    Was going to order but the shipping and handling costs more than the cami’s! How did you make yours?

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      I Found your site on doueciils today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later:)

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        My take on the camisole is an interesting one. It does make females cover up, but what are they doing with low-cut tops and dresses in the first place.

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    She likes her low cut tops for going out at night? Nice commercial. Just reminded me of why we don’t have TV:)

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    These cami’s would be so easy to make–or crochet a version! Thank the good Lord we’re Catholics! I sew almost all my clothing now, using computer software that you ought to check out, called Dress Shop 8–by Livingsoft, just google it. You can design your own patterns and make the necklines exactly the way you like them, and it’s easy. I am presently in love with the disappearing princess seam, which constructs the most romantic and flattering dress, in your choice of necklines and sleeves, thanks to Dress Shop. There is no reason why we have to be dowdy–we should be, and are, the most fashionable women in the world. I have a post on this topic at my blog that you might enjoy. It’s a little long, I tell the story of finding a very reverent Catholic community while on an extended stay in Mexico just because locals identified the modest and inexpensive, yet of course elegant and feminine way I dressed for mass every day with the way this awfully private and completely non-touristy community dressed, and someone told me about their location in Guadalajara–’they are very guapa, like you,’ they said: handsome. And thus I discovered one of the most interesting and educated working class communities in all of Mexico, which I doubtless would have missed. Small world!
    Here’s the link, leave a note!

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