27 Oct 2010

Another Workout Skirt Option

From Mira Clothes comes the Exerskirt!

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15 responses to “Another Workout Skirt Option”

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    I like this! I could even see running in this!

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    This gives me a new light on working out in a skirt. I have always thought it was too tacky to wear tennis shoes with a skirt and work out. Thank you for posting this.

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    This may be the waterloo for those who think a female HAS to wear pants/shorts to exercise. Deo gratias!

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    After reading this post, I wonder how many gals have realized they DON’T have to abstain from skirts and dresses to get in shape? Also, I have a friend that, after what she said about how she could not give up pants totally because she likes to go to the gym, this could be her waterloo! Good job, Colleen. I wish more people were like you!

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    Where can females purchase these skirts?(I want them to realize they don’t have to wear pants to keep in shape, or not exercise in order to wear skirts and dresses).

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    I find it interesting how when “healthy eating” was less a way of life than today, and when the words “women’s pants” were all but an oxymoron, people(male and female) were likelier to be physically fit than today(Colleen, I read the blog on how female waistlines have grown). Worse, we have these “fat acceptance” groups(they should be called “fat promotion” groups). I’m not by any means trying to imply we should be outright mean to people for being heavy(some people put on weight, in part, to tell people who try to promote looking like skeletons to “kiss their grits”, for lack of a better term), but there seems to be a “fat and proud” mentality. While I’m trying to figure out ALL the reasons males are on the hefty side, some females try to make this a “feminist” issue, like they do pants. Not to go too far off topic, this skirt could be the beginning of the end, and a much-needed end at that, of females thinking it’s either exercise or wear a skirt(who knows, even junior high and high schools may allow female students to wear workout skirts in PE class)! That would be great(I’ll even go so far as to fight for that in the event I have daughters).

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    Things that I’ve done in a skirt: Got kicked out of a gym for not being appropriately dressed. I was humiliated and my 18 year old (at that time) was with me. He was mad and I got over it. In the end it galvanized me to do EVERYTHING in a skirt. That being said, I’ve hiked up to a glacier in a wool skirt. People thought I was nuts but when you pair a wool skirt with wool tights and layers for your torso, I daresay I was warmer than the folks that wore jeans. I’ve also ziplined in Alaska wearing a skirt. If our ancestors could tame the wild, wild west in a long skirt, doing anything today in a skirt is a breeze!

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      Amy, you’ve set such a good example for your son that, if he has a girlfriend or is married, I hope she too wears skirts and dresses EXCLUSIVELY! I wish my mother was like you(in fact, not only is she not, she gets mad at me because I don’t approve of pants on females. i also have a sister who is a year my junior, and she avoids anything other than skirts and dresses like the plague). If you have any daughters, I hope they follow your example.

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      Amy, what you said about how you will do everything you do in a skirt(even in the face of others saying you should do these very things in pants) warms my heart so much that, should we meet, you will get a hug hello from me(you are too good a woman for a handshake, if what you said means anything)!

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      Amy, I have a coworker I recently lent “Dressing with Dignity” to, and I’m glad I did! The bad mews is, she(who has yet to begin Chapter 2) seems to let the fact that she used to get picked on earlier in life because she dressed in skirts and skirt suits pass for a license to don pants. If possible, I’d like for you to pray for her to go back to skirt and dress wearing(let’s hope when she reads about the study done on male reaction to females wearing pants, that marks the beginning of the end of her pants wearing days).

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    I will recommend the ExerSkirt to every gal I know that likes to exercise and stay in shape.

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