27 Jun 2011

A Man Explains: How Sexy Fashions Affect Men

From my friends over at LoveMatters:

How do women’s “sexy” clothes really affect men? As a man, I’d like to explain. So often, I see women in tight jeans, form-fitting dresses and mini-skirts. Some are wearing “painted-on” pants, low-cut blouses and tight sweaters, while others show parts of their bras here or there. Women are wearing “sexy” fashions just about everywhere – to school, work, even church.

Are these women striving to be honored and respected by men? Sometimes I wonder what their motives are deep down  inside. Are they trying to be attractive and fashionable – or are they seeking something more? Do they know what signals they’re sending men? Are they looking for attention – or are they trying to find a good husband and permanent love? Are they trying to attract a date – or trying to boost self-confidence?

It may be these reasons or others, but the bottom line is that dressing in “sexy” clothes will not cause men to honor or respect women. In fact, it’s actually guaranteed to cause men to dishonor and disrespect them. If you want a man to respect you, and perhaps eventually fall in love with you, then you must show him that you respect yourself and that you recognize your dignity before God. The best way to show this is through modesty in dress, words, thoughts and actions.

Katherine Kersten, commentator on National Public Radio and chairman of the Center of the American Experiment, writes, “But modesty is about something more: simple fairness. We women demand respect from men, insisting that they value us not for our looks, but for ‘who we are.’ It is hypocritical to do this, and then dress and act immodestly – intentionally provoking sexual desire, and signaling our easy openness to it. To act this way is to undermine our own dignity, to treat ourselves as ‘sex objects.’ Moreover, it is patently unfair, for it means that we are holding men to a higher standard than we hold ourselves.”

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8 responses to “A Man Explains: How Sexy Fashions Affect Men”

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    This article is so true on a lot of different levels…my male friends often comment they cannot wait until Summer, then their wives often complain they never feel ‘respected’…go figure!

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    As much as some females base how they dress on trying to avoid unwanted male attention, many mistakenly think pants are the way to go. Of course, they’re wrong, and “Dressing with Dignity” drives that point home beautifully. In fact, as much as amoral males like to drool over a gal’s bottom, it’s easier for these disgraces to males to do so if she wears pants/shorts than if she wears skirts/dresses, not the other way around. Colleen, keep up the good work!

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    “Dressing with Dignity” is on my list of must-reads. Even non-Catholics get it when they read it.

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    Although money is so tight I have to watch myself, I’m at the point of making sure I put “Dressing with Dignity” in as many hands as possible. I’ll give some people their own copies; I’ll have others borrow copies and, when money is the least bit “not tight”, I’ll buy extra copies(I bought 2 yesterday, 1 of which I gave to a friend last night, the other I’ll give to a friend I plan on seeing tomorrow at Ascension Thursday Mass. I will also buy more next Tuesday).

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    Wow! Someone from National Public Radio gets it! That being said, she should also add that it’s hypocritical of females to have a “take me as I am” mindset, only to NOT extend the same courtesy to males. Proof of my point is so overwhelming I don’t have time to give examples(but I will not hesitate to do so later).

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    While money for me is still tight, I, when I get a chance, will try to blanket copies of “Dressing with Dignity” around as best I can(yesterday, I bought 4 copies after I got a little bit of money and, upon next getting paid, will buy more). I’ll keep you posted on how people I have read it react.

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    As much as “sexy” fashions have an adverse effect on men, the same can also be true of women(some females may lust after a gal in masculine garb, not knowing she’s a woman, and it’s not just who doesn’t know the difference. You’d be amazed at how many lesbians will go after these gals also)! And yet, we hear many gripe “Let me dress as I please”.

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    This past Sunday, I gave three gals “Dressing with Dignity” to read, and will have others(male and female) read the book. I may even have Los Angeles mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel read it as my way of saying “good job” for her doing her part to “Dress with Dignity”. I’ll keep you posted.

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