7 responses to “Vatican CITY Bans Scantily Clad Tourists”

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    [...] See the original post here: Vatican CITY Bans Scantily Clad Tourists – http://www.colleenhammond.com [...]

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    I wonder if women are required to have their heads covered inside St. Peter’s? Scarves are mentioned in the article … but no head covering is indicated on the “sign.”

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      Heidi, You have a point I’m surprised no one brought up, especially since 1 Cor. 11:4-15 and Canon Law drive that very point home. Also, they, in accordance to Dt. 22:5 ought to mandate females wear skirts and dresses; pants on females are against God’s Law.

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    Hard to imagine, though, that tourists were scurrying to BUY things, not just change, as in, they didn’t have ANYTHING appropriate in their luggage. Very sad.

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      It may be true, but it could also be that they found it more convenient to buy something than to go all they way back to their hotel for a change of clothes.

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