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    I am dismayed by your list, but happy to know that your opinions are just that, your opinions, and, as such, are irrelevant to me. “Here I Am, Lord” is the hymn that first stirred me toward becoming Catholic; I treasure it every time I hear it. “On Eagle’s Wings,” “Pan de Vida,” “We Remember,” “City of God,” and “Gather Us In” are all favorites of mine.

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    Here’s an interesting post about Catholic musci. Post: The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music
    Link: http://thecatholicfaith.blogspot.com/2008/01/hidden-hand-behind-bad-catholic-music.html

    I, too, like “Here I am, Lord” until I learned it was it was written by a former priest who is now living the homosexual lifestyle. Here’s quote from the article:

    Schutte’s most famous song, “Here I am, Lord” is the anthem for the gay rights movement within the Catholic Church, as the Los Angeles Tidings’ Brenda Rees reported on February 9, 2001:

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      As someone who didn’t know “Here I Am Lord” was written by a homo-sexual, I, who once couldn’t get enough of the hymn(back when I once thought hymns were okay as long as they lacked non-Christian referen-ces), began to dislike it when I learned more about how Catholic worship music ought to sound. I sure didn’t know it was being used as a “gay-rights” anthem. I’ll for sure boycott the “hymn” now. When I get enough money, I, who sing in my chirch’s choir, will purchase “Sing Like a Catho-lic”, written by “The Wanderer” columnist Jeffrey Tucker. Every week, he writes about Catholic worship music. It should be required reading for every Catholic.

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    Dear Terri:
    I am not sure where the person on the blog found the information about Dan Schutte, but I found nothing to the effect that he is living a homosexual life. Can you please try to confirm the information from a trusted source? Thank you.

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    As someone who sings in his church’s choir at Mass, I have to comment. There are so many rotten hymns out there it’s not easy to reduce it to a “Ten Worst” list. I can also list names of “Catholic” hymn writers who are part of the problem. They are, but not limited to, Bob Hurd, David Haas, and Grayson Brown. I, if I find hymns horrid enough, will go so far as to NOT sing them.

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    Colleen, I recently saw what you posted on a blog about how guitars don’t belong in worship music. I agree, and I’m a fan of many guitar playing musicians; that said, when I go to Mass, I don’t want to hear anything other than organ and/or voices(I grit my teeth every time my choir director adds other instruments for our worship music. I do have a trump card; when I save up some money, I will buy the Jeffrey Tucker-penned “Sing Like A Catholic” and, after I’ve read it, MAKE him read it.

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    Hi Colleen, I would like to have your comments about Michael W. Smith music. I love very much his song: Agnus Dei..

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    Any hymn with lyrics that refer to Our Lord as “Our brother” is so blasphemous it would very much belong on a “Worst hymns” list. I myself sing in my parish’s choir, and will not hesitate to NOT sing hymns with lyrics that, at best, are not appropriate.

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    Some of the worst authors of post-concilliar hymns are, but not limited to, David Haas, Marty Haugen, Grayson Brown, and Bernadette Farrell.

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    Years ago, I was reading an article in the lay run Catholic magazine, “New Oxford Review”, and its author wrote about the sorry state of Catholic worship music. He referred to some of the worse hymns as “love songs to Jesus”(his words, not mine) because they sound a lot like romantic ballads. Make no mistake, I like a good love song, but when I go to Mass, I want authentic Catholic hymns, not music that can be separated by secular music only by the lyrics. My only problem with what I read was he could’ve picked a better wording of what he was talking about. While he can’t be accused of trying to blaspheme(otherwise the NOR would NOT have put up with it), some people would have taken him to task for his choice of words.

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    Colleen, I checked the lyrics of the hymn you find the worst of all time, and I can see why you loathe it. “Pan De Vida”, “On Eagle’s Wings”, and “Gather Us In” are not on my list of hymns I’d tolerate either. Less than a decade ago, and this may surprise a lot of people, Catholic and Protestant, but a friend of mine told me “Amazing Grace” was a hymn that promotes the “once saved, always saved” mindset so popular with Protestants(he who told me this is a tadition-minded Catholic and he holds a degree in music, so he knows what he’s talking about). I have never been able to sing that hymn since!

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    As much as I’ve lost respect for “Here I Am, Lord” in recent year, it wasn’t until a few hours ago when something about the lyrics that demonstrates why it should be avoided hit me; the lyrics seem like they are not offensive to Protestant ears. In fact, as much as “Contemporary Christian” hymns have polluted the worship music landscape, “Here I Am, Lord” seems like it has potential to be sung at Protestant churches.

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