27 Jun 2011

The Road to Gay Marriage, and the Decline of Real Marriage

NY Republicans failed us! The Republican-controlled Senate in the Empire State voted 33-29 late Friday to approve same-sex marriage.

Gov Cuomo and Archbishop Dolan

And the Catholic Church failed us, too! Even the New York Times notes that,

“The Catholic Church, arguably the only institution with the authority and reach to derail same-sex marriage, seemed to shrink from the fight.

As the marriage bill hurtled toward a vote, the head of the church in New York, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, left town to lead a meeting of bishops in Seattle. He did not travel to Albany or deliver a major speech in the final days of the session. And when he did issue a strongly worded critique of the legislation — he called it “immoral” and an “ominous threat” — it was over the phone to an Albany-area radio show.

Inside the Capitol, where a photograph of Mr. Cuomo shaking hands with Archbishop Dolan hangs in the governor’s private office, the low-key approach did not seem accidental. Mr. Cuomo had taken pains to blunt the church’s opposition.

When he learned that church leaders had objected to the language of the marriage legislation, he invited its lawyers to the Capitol to vent their frustration.

Mr. Cuomo even spoke to Archbishop Dolan about the push for same-sex marriage, emphasizing his respect and affection for the religious leader. An adviser described the governor’s message to Archbishop Dolan this way: “I have to do what I have to do. But your support over all is very important to me.”


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4 responses to “The Road to Gay Marriage, and the Decline of Real Marriage”

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    I have good news to report; I found out Atlanta-based fast food restaurant Chik-Fil-A is against same-sex maariage. I, who ate at a Chula Vista(near San Diego) location 6 years ago next month, will be patronizing them more often. If they would start having the females wear skirts(of appropriate length) as part of their uniforms, that would be great!

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    In 2008, a lot of pro-same-sex-marriage advocates tried to get people to boycott fast food giant “El Pollo Loco” because some of the higher-ups opposed same-sex “marriage”(that very year, a measure here in California, Proposition 8, was on the ballot that November; if it passed, it would ban same-sex marriage in our state; it passed by a margin of 13 to 12, or 52% of the state’s electorate voted to keep marriage between one man and one woman). Of course, homosexuals and their allies were LIVID!

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    Non-homosexuals with solidarity with homosexuals will go to great depths to prove how morally wrong they are. I’ve heard of opposite sex couples who will not marry each other out of protest against laws that define marriage as male-female ONLY.

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    Anyone who tries to make homosexuals look less than bad is trying to deny the obvious. Recently, I read “Crusade” magazine, and a homosexual “rights” advocate showed a sense of honesty lacking in people of his ilk. When a same sex “marriage” opponent was called a bigot, he asked the degenerate to define what he meant by “bigot”. When Mr. same sex marriage rights said, “Someone who can’t tolerate someone else”, the good guy said, “Well sir. Are you tolerating us? It looks like you’re the bigot”. The degenerate minced no words; he said, “It’s a one-way street. You’re the bigots”. Simply put, the “same-sexers” are for peace, love and tolerance, for them and their allies ONLY! In fact, in the late 1990′s, a weekly Los Angeles newspaper had a story on the city of West Hollywood, the homosexual capital of the metroplex; some homosexuals were NOT happy that “breeders”(a derogatory word for heterosexuals) were moving to the city. A few years earlier, I read in the “Los Angeles Times” that “The Advocate”, a homosexual magazine, named Madonna “Sissy Of The Year” because she, despite her solidarity with homosexuals, did not date females(she said the magazine could kiss her non-lesbian bottom; she was not ladylike enough to say “bottom”).

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